...those who would know their own walking must also know
the walking of the blue mountains. The blue mountains are
neither sentient nor insentient; the self is neither sentient
nor insentient; therefore we can have no doubts about these
blue mountains walking.

---Dogen (Japan: AD 1200-1253): Mountains and Rivers Sutra - Zen text

Zen Quotations

Viewoftheblue - We are located in the Eastern USA along the Appalachian range, enjoying all four seasons.
Viewoftheblue can mean looking skyward, whether towards the future and new possibilities,
towards the timeless elements of nature, or towards the unknowns of space and spirit...

This is the front page for a few of our hobbies and businesses.
Visit the IT consulting site for custom web design, Linux consulting, custom databases/servers, software and networking.
The photography site now has the most content, with a few thousand photos of interest especially to railfans,
but of other subjects as well, dating from the late 1960's to the present.
The amateur radio page has some information about my radio hobby, and "tubeworks" about tube audio equipment and guitar amps:
I occasionally build custom electronics. My wife's sideline basket business is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a custom gift.
We also perform retail store inventories (mostly convenience stores) as subcontractors, and offer software for that industry.
Please visit this site often and enjoy the offerings...

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I've been doing website design for quite some time, and on most of the pages and sub-sites here you will find mostly old-fashioned hand coded HTML, which I've been using since the 1990's. The Open Computer Consulting link below just got a facelift in 2011, now using a professional-style template, and I've also been experimenting with content management systems. I've been a long-time computer hobbyist as well as consultant.

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Frank's Page, which was a popular site in the past is now a bit "dated" and is only maintained for reference.
It has many older links on Asheville NC, plus offbeat topics I've taken an interest in (mostly in past years).
This was a product of my much younger days and has been online in various forms since the mid-1990's.


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