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Until Christmas SALE! $5 CDs!

HOLIDAY CD SALE! From now until Christmas, ALL Anubis Spire and Bill MacKechnie CDs will be less than half price ($5 bucks!) direct from the manufacturer! If you’ve been thinking of adding any to your collection, now’s the time.

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Our Second Annual CD Sale is History! Thank You ALL!

Our second annual “Direct From The Factory” CD sale is now history! MANY thanks to all of you who bought a CD or two! We started doing this to help spread the music to those who couldn’t afford our releases at the full retail price, and both years sales have been great successes. We fully […]


Our once a year CD sale ends at MIDNIGHT (pacific time) so you east coast and mid westerners have a few more extra hours! Are you SURE you don’t need at least ONE of these CDs? $3 a CD!

TWO days left!

To take advantage of our $3 a CD sale! ALL ANUBIS SPIRE and BILL MACKECHNIE CDs are included.

Only SIX more days in our annual $3 CD sale!

Our annual DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY CD sale is on NOW!

CD SALE! Our annual DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY CD sale is now on! ALL our releases (and two Bill MacKechnie solo albums) are available DIRECT at only $3 measly bucks per CD! Go check it out now….you’ve got until midnight on the 31st.

ANUBI-FUZZ CLASSIC now available for sale!

It’s available now… first production unit ready to ship. “Anubi-Fuzz Classic” clone of the Univox Super Fuzz. From FRANK FLORIANZ of FRANK’S TUBEWORKS: I’m going to initially make 12 of these, and you can order one (special intro price) for $99 + shipping. If these become popular, I will order more parts to start on […]

The ANUBI-FUZZ CLASSIC is now available for sale!

Please help “Lo” Woods!

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This weekend’s FREE download is the title track from 2006′s CHILDREN OF A FOREIGN FAITH album.