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NEW Anubis Spire album out NOW! Listen to the complete album at BANDCAMP!

Even though the official release date is not until the 11th, you can hear the entire new AS album, DIVINING ROD, at BANDCAMP right now! The CD is available now at (I’ll put a link direct to it in the comments) and will be available at CDBaby (both CDs and downloads) Amazon, Itunes, Rhapsody, […]


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3 FREE MP3 downloads from our latest album at SOUNDCLICK.COM

Just uploaded THREE tunes from Anubis Spire’s latest – SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE – to our SOUNDCLICK PAGE. For a limited time, FROM THE GALLERY, A HYMN FOR GAIA, DON’T KNOW HOW TO ROLL and TIME IS A TYRANT are available for FREE MP3 download. You’re welcome. 🙂

June’s SINGLE now available for listening and purchase!

Hey kids….it’s the 11th of the month…time for round TWO of Anubis Spire’s MONTHLY SINGLES PROJECT – 2016! So without further ado (we’ve only got a limited supply of ado…sorry….) here’s a Kerrin Johansen / Jim Rustemeyer composition titled BE NUMB! It says some important things…full track streaming and lyrics are at the link below. […]

This Weekend’s Tune!

Check out our new monthly SINGLES project!

WALLS OF TROY, the first of our monthly ‘Singles’ releases is up on CDBaby right now for listening or sale! It’s different than anything we’ve ever released to date and was fun to do! Hope some of you might like it.

This week’s ASRGJRFW is here! You’re welcome… :-)


I just found out that our latest release BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES, released January 11th of this year, has already surpassed our previous release, ERRATICA, in sales. In two months it has roared past an album that’s been selling quite well since 2012. I can’t thank you all enough. The band and I are humbled […]