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BetweenCDcoverRated 5 stars.

Wonderful Album!!!
the latest album from Anubis Spire “Beyond the Two Eternities” is one of their best yet!! excellent and inventive playing from their founder and veteran lead/rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter Bill MacKechnie ranges from melodic/ballad style, to esoteric world/jazz/fusion, to straight up blistering rock and roll… there are also excellent contributions from keyboardist David James Sweet, who adds a prog rock element to the album on his songs “Zepi Tepi” and “The Legacy”, Jim Rustmeyer and Kerrin Johansen for their beautiful ambient electro track “The Releasing Tree” , as well as fantastic drum work from the newest Anubis Spire member Fred DeRuvo… he and MacKechnie have an excellent musical chemistry and they have a similar feeling and sound on some of the songs, to the work of Mahavishnu Orchestra and the interplay between John McLaughlin Billy Cobham, while still remaining original and having their own musical voice.
there is a wide range of music on this album and i believe there’s something for everyone, but it’s “All Killer and no Filler” also, special kudos going out to Marlon Kempmann for doing an excellent job on mastering the album! this is one of their best yet and a MUST HAVE for any fan of Anubis Spire!! — Debstar Divine

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The new album is up on CDBaby! So now, not only can you stream the entire album, but buy individual downloads (coming SOON) as well. Check it out!

For Those Who Have Flown Away……

One last chance…..:-)

Listen To Samples of The Entire New Album!

Snippets of all tracks (except the hidden bonus track!) from Anubis Spire’s new album BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES in album order: 1. Antahkarana, 2. Everything Is Temporary, 3. Between The Two Eternities, 4. Zep Tepi, 5. As Though We Had Wings, 6. Dvapara, 7. The Releasing Tree, 8. The Legacy, 9. It’s A Brand New […]

Like Pink Floyd? Hear THE LEGACY from the new A.S. BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES album.

Got your headphones? Ready to space out for 8 minutes or so? As promised, here’s a sneak peek at track #8 – THE LEGACY – David James Sweet’s homage to Pink Floyd, from the new ANUBIS SPIRE CD, BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES


The NEW Anubis Spire CD, BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES will “Officially” go on sale for full price on Monday the 11th of January, 2016….but is NOW ON SALE for the insane price (exclusively for fans and friends) of just $3,oo! This price will remain until 6am Monday morning. After that it will revert to FULL […]

The NEW A.S. album BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES is almost ready for release!

The new Anubis Spire album, BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES, is set for release over the next few weeks. Check back here or at our FB page for details. BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES features 11 new instrumental pieces and the debut of Anubis Spire’s new drummer, Fred DeRuvo.


Now through December 11th ALL currently released ANUBIS SPIRE CDs are included in our fan appreciation sale! Buy direct from the manufacturer for rock bottom prices! (How rock bottom? How’s 3 bucks a CD sound?) This might be our last CD sale ever…we’re seriously considering phasing out our physical product line after our new release…so […]

NEW Anubis Spire album to be released any day now!

Nov. 19th, 2015 The new Anubis Spire album – BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES – is finished and will be released in the next few weeks. The album features eleven brand new A.S. instrumental pieces and the debut of new A.S. drummer, Fred DeRuvo. This album has been called a “return to their roots,” as it […]