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Permafrost review of DOORWAYS.

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As promised, our new album DOORWAYS is now available at CDBaby in CD and digital download media.

Our NEW album DOORWAYS released today (December 11th)

As promised, here are the links to hear (and purchase if you like what you hear) our new album, DOORWAYS. It will take a while to be up at CDBaby, ITUNES, AMAZON, etc., but I will list those links too as soon as they’re available. Buy the CD here: LISTEN to the FULL album […]


(Only EIGHT days left!) MANY thanks to all of you who have taken advantage of our month long (October) “Tree Fiddy” CD sale! $3.50 a CD is a great deal and very likely will not be repeated so if you’ve been meaning to complete (or start) your Anubis Spire collection there is no better time […]

For those of you who would rather have Digital Downloads and use Paypal…

Here’s a list of DIGITAL album downloads and their corresponding links. Anubis Spire – DIVINING ROD: Anubis Spire – SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE: Anubis Spire – BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES: Anubis Spire – ERRATICA: Anubis Spire – OLD LIONS (in the world of snarling sheep): Anubis Spire – LOST […]

TREE FIDDY SALE! Get every one of our releases for “Tree Fiddy! As promised, we start our whole month of October “Tree Fiddy” sale NOW! Every CD just $3.50 (That’s the same price as our digital albums, I’ll post a link to those later in case you want digital or only want to use Paypal…) If you think you might order a CD later, please store […]

$4.00? Yep….$4.00 weekend flash sale! Get our latest CD, DIVINING ROD, for a measly 4 bucks! So buy FIVE of them, ok? You know you want to…. :-)

The Loneliness (At the Center of the World)

Our new single is now available at our bandcamp page, CDBaby, Amazon Music and everywhere else on the planet. Have a listen…. 🙂

MORE music in 2018

Some news for Anubis Spire followers. You might have noticed that we are a pretty diverse bunch, and our releases can veer from proggy outings to 70’s rock songs, protest songs, instrumental jams and on to ambient and experimental offerings. Each member has a preferred writing style and signature sound. Over the years I have […]

Buy the new album on CD! Or as digital downloads (Paypal accepted for downloads)