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Bill’s soundtrack from 1988 just released!

The Final Dreams Of The Beast

Bill’s soundtrack from 1988 finally released!

— In 1988, I was approached by an independent filmmaker who asked me to compose a soundtrack for a film he was hoping to make. The film revolved around the final days of occultist, Aleister Crowley. After reading the script and seeing the storyboards, I told him I would record a short presentation and if he liked it, enough music for the entire film.

I initially tried using some other musicians (keyboardists), but trying to translate what was in my head -through to their fingers- proved impossible. The soundtrack I was hearing was far more abstract and ambient than I could accomplish with just my guitar and effects, so I decided to avoid rock guitar altogether, and instead ran out and bought one of the very first MIDI digital guitars available – a Casio DG-20, and a Yamaha FB-01 synth module for the voices.

All of this music was recorded with this (now) primitive setup.

Unfortunately, the film was never able to find the funding necessary to make it a reality. The recording languished in the tape vault of Random Bullet Studios until during the studio’s transition to digital, the eight track master tapes were accidently destroyed. It wasn’t until a stereo mixdown safety copy was recently found that there seemed any hope that this music would ever be heard by anyone but me. I have purposely avoided “updating” it, instead I present it here exactly as it was originally recorded and mixed. I hope it finds it’s way to the ears it was written for….

– Bill MacKechnie April 7th, 2012

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