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Producer TOM EARL adds the new RWG BILL MacKECHNIE SIGNATURE MODEL to his arsenal!

Producer TOM EARL and his new RAVENWESTGUITAR.COM Bill MacKechnie signature model guitar!


~ Producer TOM EARL has added the new RWG Bill MacKechnie Signature Model guitar to his ever growing collection!

We got a nice email tonight from Producer / Audio Engineer extrordinaire, Tom Earl who bought a signature guitar and wanted me to know how happy he is with it!  Nice!

Here’s what he had to say:

“Raven West Guitar’s new Bill MacKechnie’s signature guitar is something any guitar player would be proud to have their name on. As a guitar player, it will not only turn heads and raise questions but add to the overall sound of Oxford Station the band I play in. It’s stunning to say the least. It is a must for any guitar collection.”

(And BTW, Tom…the A.S. T shirt was a great wardrobe choice! 🙂

Tom currently plays guitar for the band OXFORD STATION. Check out their page  on Facebook.

Check out the NEW signature guitar and all of RWG’s great guitars here:

The new Bill MacKechnie signature hits ebay!

RAVEN WEST GUITARS is auctioning a few of the new Bill signature model guitars on Ebay! This is a GREAT chance to get your hands on one for literally a third of the MSRP! Right AND left handed models will be auctioned! Check them out here:

Good luck!

Introducing the Raven West, Bill MacKechnie signature model.


Raven West is pleased to announce the addition of the new LIMITED EDITION BILL

Anyone who has heard the Arabic Frenzy of
ANUBIS SPIRE’S fret melting “So Be It,” or the wailing, haunting bends of
“Walking The Wire,” knows that their reclusive guitarist, Bill MacKechnie, has a
style and unique approach to the instrument that sets him apart from the rest.
For the last two decades, his guitar work and compositions have graced numerous
musical projects, film soundtracks and video documentaries.

Bill has been
an RWG user since the beginning of the company, and his current favorite is our
RM300DX, so when we asked him to tell us exactly what his dream guitar would be,
here’s what he said: ” The 300DX is already a dream come true for me and
honestly, I don’t think it could be made any better in the general sense, but I
do have some personal preferences in certain areas that would be great to have
on one!” The Bill MacKechnie SIGNATURE is the culmination of those

As per Bill’s request, we started with a MAHOGANY body and added
a 3/4″ solid MAPLE cap for the ultimate in sustain and bite. We married the body
to a ONE PIECE, LONG TENON Mahogany neck with a beefy, vintage non-tapered neck
thickness (Bill has large hands), a medium wide, bound EBONY fingerboard with an
ABALONE VINE inlay, medium jumbo frets and a super bending-friendly 16″

The highly flamed MAPLE top is finished in NATURAL maple with a
high gloss and ABALONE body purfling. The black chrome genuine G&B pickups
are vintage voiced, meter out at 8.65K and are perfect for blues and rock.
Adjustable bridge, stop tailpiece and GROVER tuners in black chrome complete the
incredible look of this great limited edition.

Each guitar will be hand
numbered (on the inside of the control cavity plate) and come with it’s own
LIMITED EDITION certificate of authenticity signed by Bill and Raven West
guitars. Get yours before they are all gone!

Body: Bound, front and back,
Mahogany with 3/4″ maple cap.

Highly flamed, fully bound top with inlaid
abalone purfling.

Neck: Radius: 16″

Thickness (from fingerboard to
back of neck) 3/4″ Uniform 50’s, 60’s vintage style thickness (does not taper
toward the nut)

Neck Width (across the fingerboard) at nut: 1

Neck Width (at far end of board by neck pickup) : 2

String spread at nut: 1 3/8th”

String spread at bridge: 2

Electronics: Two premium vintage voiced G&B humbucking
pickups. 8.65K

Separate volume and tone controls for each

Heavy duty three way switch

Natural finish ONLY. High gloss
All hardware and pickup covers: Black Chrome

~ More Info: