Anubis Spire

After fashion falls to rubble … we will still remain

This week’s FREE download is MAY THIS BE FOREVER. Jimi wrote a song called “May This Be Love”…this is a little improvised daydream about him waking up in paradise.

The midweek FREE download is RULES? WHAT RULES? a song we’ve never actually recorded… except in this one off, live-in-the-studio, jam. Production values are non-existent (so what else is new) Mick’s drums weren’t even miced and were picked up by Tim’s bass amp mic and my dry vocals are actually through the damn talk-back mic. Oh….and disregard the scrambled brains and bacon…ummm…”solo”….I was under the influence of too many gummy bears. Just know it’s a demo and enjoy it for what it is, ok? – Bill

This weekend’s FREE download is the jam that started it all! SO BE IT. Improvised live in the studio and captured on the second take, the intro and effects were added later. It not only became the song that established A.S. as viable newcomers to the instrumental rock scene but gave us our official band motto!