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Producer TOM EARL adds the new RWG BILL MacKECHNIE SIGNATURE MODEL to his arsenal!

Producer TOM EARL and his new RAVENWESTGUITAR.COM Bill MacKechnie signature model guitar!


~ Producer TOM EARL has added the new RWG Bill MacKechnie Signature Model guitar to his ever growing collection!

We got a nice email tonight from Producer / Audio Engineer extrordinaire, Tom Earl who bought a signature guitar and wanted me to know how happy he is with it!  Nice!

Here’s what he had to say:

“Raven West Guitar’s new Bill MacKechnie’s signature guitar is something any guitar player would be proud to have their name on. As a guitar player, it will not only turn heads and raise questions but add to the overall sound of Oxford Station the band I play in. It’s stunning to say the least. It is a must for any guitar collection.”

(And BTW, Tom…the A.S. T shirt was a great wardrobe choice! :-)

Tom currently plays guitar for the band OXFORD STATION. Check out their page  on Facebook.

Check out the NEW signature guitar and all of RWG’s great guitars here:

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