Anubis Spire

After fashion falls to rubble … we will still remain


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Though Bill is a Luthier and has over 60 guitars, many of which he’s designed and built, his main guitar is a HEAVILY modified ’73 natural finish FENDER STRATOCASTER (nicknamed “Izabella”)-99% of all guitar work is done with this guitar. It is equipped with very early EMG pickups and COSTLEY ENGINEERING wiring-3 volumes, no tone controls- (complete with “keep em guessin’” MYSTERY switch!), and a SCHECTER tremolo. This guitar was used for ALL the lead work on the album.

EPIPHONE 6/12 DOUBLENECK- This guitar (also heavily modified with new pickups and wiring) was used for the main rhythm line on “It has been…”, “Talisman…” and “Ransom”.

EPIPHONE FIREBIRD- Tuned to Bill’s ANUBONICS tuning. (TOP SECRET- “I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you,” says Bill.) Used for the main tracks of “The prisoners song”.

’65 FENDER STRAT(completely STOCK-in original JIMI white!)- used for “May this be Forever”.

MACKECHNIE CUSTOM(strat style with Bill Lawrence pickups)- Tuned to D (not the chord, the NOTE!) used for the main guitar rhythm on “Old Lions”.

CASIO DIGITAL GUITAR-a cheesy MIDI processer kind of guitar-like thing. Used with a YAMAHA FB01 synth module. Used on “The prisoners song” for the background orchestra sound.

MACKECHNIE CUSTOM-BUILT ACOUSTIC-used for all the acoustic tracks and the “SITAR GUITAR” on “Eternal Resonance”

During recording of CHILDREN OF A FOREIGN FAITH, Bill has been using Raven guitars extensively. So far, he’s used an RM2000, RP350, a Doubleneck and an Acoustic Electric. Click on the link above to learn more about Raven guitars.


’65 FENDER SHOWMAN(modified by Dan Torres).
’70 VOX wah
ZOOM 3030 processor
DOD G7 processor
ROCKMAN headphone thingee
Various COSTLEY designed effects.


The bass tracks on Old Lions were recorded with a Gibson Victory bass, with the exception of Talisman of the Dreamer. For Talisman, Tim used a ROGUE with a Fender precision pickup installed. Most bass effects on the album were generated with a Korg AXB30, supplimented with outboad compressors, then plugged directly into the console.

For the new album, Tim started off using a Fender, but after soon after discovering the Raven RMB 550 5 string bass, Tim set the Fender down. Since then, the Raven has been doing most of the work.


Mick plays LUDWIG acoustic and PEARL and SIMMONS electronic drums with an ALESIS D-5 drum module. Zildjin cymbols and RANGOON hand-turned and hammered GONGS He also played INDIA TABLAs and MOROCAN DEMBEKS as well as various bells, chimes and percussion stuff.


Michael’s preferences regarding guitars and effects remain shrouded in mystery.

The main studio console for many years has been an old analog Kustom XX-SRM 24 input console. All of Old Lions (and just about all of Bill’s other projects) have been recorded on the Kustom. Originally it had 4 main outputs and 4 separate monitor feeds. After years of redesign, it’s now a Costley/Kustom board, with the addition of (among other things) A/B mixdowns, panable 8 output channels, direct outputs on each input module, switchable EQ bands, updated ICs throughout, and a new paint job. The studio also utilizes a Behringer MX2004A 20 channel analog submixer.

Random Bullet has twin Tascam 80-8 eight track analog recorders. Recently, Bill added a Roland VS-840 digital eight channel recorder. Tim also has one, which allows him to record bass tracks at his home studio.

Digital equipment has been making its way into the Random Bullet Studios. Some of the more recent additions include a Fostex Vf16 16 track digital hard disk workstation, and an Alesis 24 track hard disk HD24 ADAT

Other equipment includes:

ART tube mic preamps

Sony, Marshall, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, AKG, Altec and Shure microphones.

Behringer Ultimizer Pro DSP1400P mastering processor.

Yamaha, JBL, Fostex monitor speakers.

Here’s how the studio is looking after the rebuild ……

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