Anubis Spire

After fashion falls to rubble … we will still remain

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9e79524b9e8830a713ebd6470e4b38eaWALLS OF TROY, the first of our monthly ‘Singles’ releases is up on CDBaby right now for listening or sale! It’s different than anything we’ve ever released to date and was fun to do! Hope some of you might like it.

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-Old Lions (in the world of snarling sheep)
-Back To Abydos
-Children Of A Foreign Faith
-Lost Discoveries: 1998 – 2008
-PLUS the NEW (soon to be released EXCLUSIVELY ON MUSXPAND) ERRATICA album.

AND special full CD bonuses…

- Hum, Hiss, Crackle and Pop (The Early Demos Of Bill MacKechnie)
- THE GODS HAVE CHOSEN- A Tribute To The Music Of Anubis Spire (Various Artists)

That’s SEVEN full abums of GREAT A.S. music, all for a simple $15, one year, ANUBIS SPIRE fan subscription!


For the fans…

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