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June’s SINGLE now available for listening and purchase!

Hey kids….it’s the 11th of the month…time for round TWO of Anubis Spire’s MONTHLY SINGLES PROJECT – 2016! So without further ado (we’ve only got a limited supply of ado…sorry….) here’s a Kerrin Johansen / Jim Rustemeyer composition titled BE NUMB! It says some important things…full track streaming and lyrics are at the link below. Listen, review, buy a few hundred copies and spread throughout the known world! We all hope you like it.¬†ūüôā¬†

June's SINGLE of the MONTH, BE NUMB!

June’s SINGLE of the MONTH, BE NUMB!

This Weekend’s Tune!


Check out our new monthly SINGLES project!

9e79524b9e8830a713ebd6470e4b38eaWALLS OF TROY, the first of our monthly ‘Singles’ releases is up on CDBaby right now for listening or sale! It’s different than anything we’ve ever released to date and was fun to do! Hope some of you might like it.

Check out our new home on MUSXPAND!

Become a fan and get access to ALL of our previously released albums!

-Old Lions (in the world of snarling sheep)
-Back To Abydos
-Children Of A Foreign Faith
-Lost Discoveries: 1998 – 2008
-PLUS the NEW (soon to be released EXCLUSIVELY ON MUSXPAND) ERRATICA album.

AND special full CD bonuses…

– Hum, Hiss, Crackle and Pop (The Early Demos Of Bill MacKechnie)
– THE GODS HAVE CHOSEN- A Tribute To The Music Of Anubis Spire (Various Artists)

That’s SEVEN full abums of GREAT A.S. music, all for a simple $15, one year, ANUBIS SPIRE fan subscription!



May, 24th ~ We’ve added a complete MUSIC STORE to the site that you can browse simply by clicking the “Buy CDs” tab above. Both physical CDs and digital downloads of full albums (AND individual songs as well) are available. Since unfortunately, we’ll soon be forced to raise the prices on physical CDs, if you’ve been thinking of adding any Anubis Spire albums to your collection, there’s never been a better time.

And if you’d love a FREE CD, run on over to¬† “Like” the page and enter our MONTHLY CD giveaway. Every month we’ll pick one lucky friend of the page to recieve a FREE A.S. CD of their choice.

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We are now working on our updated “Photos” page… it’s just in testing now… Bill will have a lot more new content to add very soon… check back ¬†(…the “Team”)


Hello, everyone!

It has been a long time, hasn’t it? Please hold on as we get things going here at the new official homepage of ANUBIS SPIRE.

Though it often appears to those waiting for any new music from us that we’re at a standstill, nothing could possibly be further from the truth. If all we had to do was write, record, release and perform music, we would be putting out albums every few months. But, alas, being a truly independent, totally self contained, musical¬†project is not quite as easy as that. Not only do each of the principle members have their own individual musical solo projects but personal lives as well.¬†That means that LIFE comes first. We¬†don’t have an¬†army of people to¬†help us with the¬†big things like recording, artwork, pressing, promo and stock acquisition. Truth be told, we often find it hard to keep up with the day to day¬†little stuff,¬† like answering our email!¬†

Because we believe with all our hearts that music is not just an expendible ‘entertainment’ and should matter again, we¬†try very hard not to rush out music we don’t really believe in.¬†¬†That being said, we are making progress in many ways which will only become apparent when the new album, ERRATICA is released. Not a day goes by when I am not personally working on SOME aspect of ANUBIS SPIRE, so a HUGE ‘thank you’ to all who have stuck with us through this latest period of waiting. I believe when ERRATICA is released, a new era will begin for ANUBIS SPIRE. I hope once you’ve heard it, you’ll agree.

-Bill (Feb. 27th, 2011)