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Just uploaded THREE tunes from Anubis Spire’s latest – SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE – to our SOUNDCLICK PAGE. For a limited time, FROM THE GALLERY, A HYMN FOR GAIA, DON’T KNOW HOW TO ROLL and TIME IS A TYRANT are available for FREE MP3 download. You’re welcome. 🙂

June’s SINGLE now available for listening and purchase!

Hey kids….it’s the 11th of the month…time for round TWO of Anubis Spire’s MONTHLY SINGLES PROJECT – 2016! So without further ado (we’ve only got a limited supply of ado…sorry….) here’s a Kerrin Johansen / Jim Rustemeyer composition titled BE NUMB! It says some important things…full track streaming and lyrics are at the link below. Listen, review, buy a few hundred copies and spread throughout the known world! We all hope you like it. 🙂

June's SINGLE of the MONTH, BE NUMB!

June’s SINGLE of the MONTH, BE NUMB!

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Check out our new monthly SINGLES project!

9e79524b9e8830a713ebd6470e4b38eaWALLS OF TROY, the first of our monthly ‘Singles’ releases is up on CDBaby right now for listening or sale! It’s different than anything we’ve ever released to date and was fun to do! Hope some of you might like it.

This week’s ASRGJRFW is here! You’re welcome… :-)


I just found out that our latest release BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES, released January 11th of this year, has already surpassed our previous release, ERRATICA, in sales. In two months it has roared past an album that’s been selling quite well since 2012. I can’t thank you all enough. The band and I are humbled and appreciative beyond words. Your support will allow us to release ANOTHER album this year, an unheard of luxury that we have only dreamt about up until now. On behalf of ANUBIS SPIRE, thank you so much. We really do have the greatest fans in the universe. – Bill

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Many thanks to SAM LACEY for his great review of our latest album, BETWEEN THE TWO ETERNITIES! We are truly humbled by the response the album has received and especially appreciative to those like Sam who choose to take the time to share their thoughts by writing a review. To an Independent artist, nothing is more appreciated (after a CD or download purchase, of course…) than those who take the time to post a few words of praise, encouragement or constructive criticism. We’ve gone on record saying our fans are the best, and the number one reason we’ve continued to make music for almost two decades while other bands have come and go, so it is incredibly satisfying to hear back from them. Thank you again, Sam! We’re glad you liked it!

Rated 5 stars:
Sweeping, Majestic, And Ethereal

I have been a fan of instrumental guitar music for many years. The type of people that can listen to Frank Zappa’s “Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar”, or Jim Campilongo’s “Dream Dictionary” or the dreamy pyrotechnics of the Late, great Jimi Hendrix will absorb the exotic sounds of Anubis Spire like a thirsty sponge. Bill MacKechnie , can make a guitar speak to the listener through the sweeping, fluid leads he pulls out of the instrument, with tones that range from dense and fuzzy to shimmering notes with Crystalline cascading clarity. Ably backed by his fellow band mates Dave Sweet, Tim Costley, and Fred DeRuvo (Keyboards Bass And Drums, the music on this album is not so much an aural soundtrack as it is a mind movie. The tones and dense melodies AS weaves are hypnotic and tense one minute, and beautiful and relaxing the next. You may see, in your minds eye, sandstorms or Arctic winds, and the next, sunshine in a warm meadow. Great music is evocative, and appeals to more than sensory reception, it touches emotions and feelings. Truly Bill is one of the great contemporary guitarists today, stubbornly independent with a singular vision. Highly Recommended for those who love the road not just less traveled with a soaring spirit.

Extra special thanks going out to CAROL ANN for her great review on Amazon!

Rated 5 stars:

I am honored to be the first to give Anubis Spire’s latest ‘masterpiece’ a five star review. I just wish it could be more….I was excited to discover and add this to my collection of Anubis Spire works. A beautifully conceived and executed journey into a realm that only guitar virtuoso Bill MacKechnie could have possibly created. It seems as though he put a part of his soul into ‘Between the Two Eternities’ and the result is pure magic!



BetweenCDcoverRated 5 stars.

Wonderful Album!!!
the latest album from Anubis Spire “Beyond the Two Eternities” is one of their best yet!! excellent and inventive playing from their founder and veteran lead/rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter Bill MacKechnie ranges from melodic/ballad style, to esoteric world/jazz/fusion, to straight up blistering rock and roll… there are also excellent contributions from keyboardist David James Sweet, who adds a prog rock element to the album on his songs “Zepi Tepi” and “The Legacy”, Jim Rustmeyer and Kerrin Johansen for their beautiful ambient electro track “The Releasing Tree” , as well as fantastic drum work from the newest Anubis Spire member Fred DeRuvo… he and MacKechnie have an excellent musical chemistry and they have a similar feeling and sound on some of the songs, to the work of Mahavishnu Orchestra and the interplay between John McLaughlin Billy Cobham, while still remaining original and having their own musical voice.
there is a wide range of music on this album and i believe there’s something for everyone, but it’s “All Killer and no Filler” also, special kudos going out to Marlon Kempmann for doing an excellent job on mastering the album! this is one of their best yet and a MUST HAVE for any fan of Anubis Spire!! — Debstar Divine