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FREE album this weekend only!

There are 200 copies of our recent album DOORWAYS available for FREE (or name your price) at Bandcamp this weekend. Please let anyone interested know. Thanks.


Bill MacKechnie and ASHRAYA release new music: FRIEND OF THE PRESENT MOMENT

Album coming SOON….

Only two more days to go to get a free album

Only two more days to go to get a free album download of our latest, WHITE CROW. If you know anyone who might want one tell them to act fast. 🙂

FREE album downloads are still available….but going fast!

Just a friendly reminder that we’re giving away a limited number of FREE downloads of our brand new album, WHITE CROW, (no strings attached…not even an email request,) at our Bandcamp page. Go get one while they last. 🙂

Listen (and watch) the entire new album, WHITE CROW, on Youtube!

Watch a great, mesmerizing video presentation of our latest album, WHITE CROW, at Youtube! We don’t know exactly who put this together but they did a great job! Check it out here:

Prog Rock / World Fusion band, Anubis Spire, release their tenth album: WHITE CROW

FREE NEW Anubis Spire album download!

FREE new Anubis Spire album. Back at the beginning of the year, Bill mentioned that he had a surprise thank you gift for those who bought last fall’s release, “Doorways.” The original plan was to make it available to just those fans, but the logistics of contacting everyone through their personal emails became impossible. Instead, it was decided that we would offer the album as a free – or pay whatever you want – download on the AS Bandcamp page. So if you bought any of the previous AS releases or just would like a great album of new AS tunes, this one is for you with our sincere thanks for your interest and support. The download will be available for the rest of this month or until all 1200 free albums we’ve delegated are gone. If past experience is any indication, they will go fast, so go get your copy now and please share the music and this news. ~ Thank you all for your support. ~ Kathy

The entire album can be listened to in it’s entirety at Bandcamp as well. After the initial free period is over the album will be available at CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes, and all other sellers for purchase. Bill has told me he’ll upload a few songs from the album to the AS Soundcloud page later tonight and I will post them then.

“Anubis Spire returns with their tenth album. Featuring eleven new compositions for 2019, with lyrics that range from a misunderstood mother holding lovingly to her memories (Sentimental Prison,) to a soldier trying to make sense of war (Captain I Need A Mission,) and a scathing rebuke of a cult leader’s spousal abuse and hypocrisy (White Crow.) With thought provoking songs and instrumentals that sail through genres and styles with ease and joyful abandon, Anubis Spire again refuses to be pigeon-holed, and remains true to their own muse.”
releases March 11, 2019

Permafrost review of DOORWAYS.


As promised, our new album DOORWAYS is now available at CDBaby in CD and digital download media.

Our NEW album DOORWAYS released today (December 11th)

As promised, here are the links to hear (and purchase if you like what you hear) our new album, DOORWAYS. It will take a while to be up at CDBaby, ITUNES, AMAZON, etc., but I will list those links too as soon as they’re available.

Buy the CD here:

LISTEN to the FULL album and buy individual songs or the full DIGITAL DOWNLOAD album here:

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this album and to all of you who listen! Your support is what makes it all worthwhile.

And BTW…all our other CDs are still on sale for only $3.50 a piece until the New Year: