Anubis Spire

After fashion falls to rubble … we will still remain



Letters! We get letters! Most of them asking
the same questions, over and OVER again… So, we decided to answer
them here on line. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.
We’ll start with the easy ones first–

1) “What is an ANUBIS
SPIRE? Does the name mean anything?”

A.) That’s a long strange story! Luckily, one
of our friends has already posted that info on the web. GO HERE–
Anubis Spire~the Myths

2) “What is your
logo, does it mean anything….”

A.) See above and GO

3) ” Where did you
guys come from? What is your background?”

A.) A complete member by member biography (somewhat) is available at
The Band.

4) “Where can I
HEAR some samples and BUY the CD?”

A.) Glad you asked! You can hear samples AND
buy the CD at ANY extremely SMART online store. Go to our
BUY CD page or do
a simple search here>

FREE MP3’s are available at some of the links at the bottom right of our home page here.

5) “What kind of
(guitar, bass, drums, microphone, fuzzbox etc) does (Mick, Michael, Tim or
Bill) use?”

A.) Another friend of the band has started a
page to answer those questions. GO HERE–
Anubis Spire – The Gear

6) “Are you guys

A.) To paraphrase our hero Popeye-“We am what
we am!” We play the kind of music we like. Since we like ALL of these genres,
it only stands to reason that they would ALL come out in our music. We would
never limit ourselves to try to fit one narrow category, when you do that
you’re not making MUSIC anymore, you’re making PRODUCT.

6A) “Are there any
REVIEWS or ARTICLES on the web where I can check out what others are saying
about you?”

A.) YUP!, (with more being added DAILY!) Go
here> ANUBIS SPIRE: The Reviews

7) “Is there any
political or religious meaning to the band. Are the ARABIC trappings and
sounds just a gimmick?”

A.) There is absolutely NO political or religious
symbolism to ANUBIS SPIRE. Even the ancient Egyptian religious symbolism
which we use is used more as a metaphor. For instance, the ancient Egyptian
gods ANUBIS and UPUAUT are referred to as “The opener of the ways”, guides
from one world to the next. We couldn’t have asked for a better metaphor
for what we’re trying to do. Some people have questioned our sincerity as
far as our use of ethnic musical forms goes. I can only say that our love
of middle-eastern and Indian rhythms and forms is genuine and not a “gimmick”.
Obviously, to the fantastic musicians and composers of these intricate and
ancient styles, we’re no threat! Still, we try to evoke the FEEL of these
musical forms and not stick to pure ethnic formulas-we’re not musicologists,
we’re a rock band!

7A) “So what’s with
the ARABIC band picture then?”

A.) The picture is meant to represent a scene
from the early days of Egyptology, when archeology was in it’s infancy, and
a whole bunch of unsavory characters descended on Egypt. There really isn’t
any hidden meaning(except of course that PAUL IS DEAD).

7B) “….OH,
YEAH!…well what about the ANUBIS SPIRE CURSE I’ve read

A.) Oh,…That. Well, in the beginning when
anything went wrong (and LOTS went wrong) we’d kid around and blame it on
“The CURSE!” (cue spooky music!) BUT, lately we’ve noticed something kind
of strange…a few of the more malevolent reviewers have been MYSTERIOUSLY
struck down by a BIG guy in dark glasses and a pith helmet riding a Harley
and (according to witnesses, HUMMING the theme music to the old TV show,
GREEN ACRES!) We understand he leaves behind a size 12 boot lodged tightly
in their nether-regions and roars away! Go figure…

8) “Are we ever
going to see a REAL picture of the band, like with instruments and

A.) We are thinking of stealing a picture off
the 890,654,898,476,000,000 indie band sites that have a picture like that
and just pasting our ugly mugs on the bodies. Seriously, we’ll be changing
all our pages and images real soon, so check back.

9) “Why are there
only 4 songs with vocals? I can’t stand all that guitar noodling


10) ” Why would
you ruin a killer guitar album with those , (ahem..) vocal songs? You guys
are really good on your instruments but you sure can’t

A.) We’ve already said we wouldn’t limit ourselves.
We put on the songs we had. Just as we didn’t try to sound like any other
bands with our instrumentals, we didn’t try to SING like anybody or mimic
any stock vocal style. In the ANUBIS SPIRE universe, something different
will always win over note perfect imitation. For a more detailed explanation
Anubis Spire ABOUT page

11) “On your pages
you mention JOINT EFFORT. What is this and is any music

A.) JOINT EFFORT is the name of (Rhythm
guitarist/vocalist) Michael Leo Brothers project. I don’t have a current URL for this right now.

12) “Are you guys ever
going to play anything GOOD?”

A.) Yes, next Wednesday, BULL AND TURTLE pub,
Bristol UK-6pm, BE THERE!

13) “I bought the
CD. I like it, but the graphics (cover,liner etc.) are real cheesy, were
you going for a xerox copier look?”

A.) Well…we WERE going for the black and white
vibe but due to some strange digitizing the cover came out sort of strange
(and we were working under a deadline with a budget of $6.00). The nice thing
about this is; #1-Everyone can now EASILY see the subliminal message we coded
into the sphinxes forehead AND, It sets us INSTANTLY apart from the slick
3-D inserts of every other indie band That’s trying to convince you they’re
more than they really are via slick graphics, and #2-It allows us (and you)
to have an instant collectible. Our next re-order will have a different cover,
our attempt to cash in on the “bright and shiny equals PROFESSIONAL!” cult!

14) “Is Michael
really a GENIUS? Does Mick really levitate and spontaneously combust in the
middle of his drum solo? Is Tim a product of DNA research gone awry? Is Bill
really a grouchy old bastard?”

A.) Yes

15) ” I caught your
act in February on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O’BRIEN. Weird stuff! Is it OK if
I dupe the tape of the performance and market it here on the

A.) ….uh,…sure, that would be…uh,
great….don’t miss us next week on WALKER-TEXAS RANGER!

16) “If I’m good
can we stop for ice-cream?”

A.) No, Tim, keep driving.

To all outposts of the