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Our annual DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY CD sale is on NOW!

CD SALE! Our annual DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY CD sale is now on! ALL our releases (and two Bill MacKechnie solo albums) are available DIRECT at only $3 measly bucks per CD! Go check it out now….you’ve got until midnight on the 31st.

3 dollar CD sale extended until the 23rd of August!

From the ANUBIS SPIRE Facebook page:

Well….we’ve just found out that our debut CD OLD LIONS wasn’t showing up in our 3 dollar a CD sale! (thanks, Marlon…) SO….we’re extending the big sale until the 23rd to make up for our mistake! Come join the tons of people taking advantage of our craziness!

CD Sale Update!

We’ve had lots of interest in our sale idea and questions about what would be included at such low prices. The answer is EVERYTHING A.S. has done, both Bill MacKechnie albums and even the formerly out of print A.S. Tribute CD THE GODS HAVE CHOSEN featuring Neil Henderson, Mike Ward, Kevin Bottorff, Ian Bartlett, Ashraya, Strait Chain 360 and The Black Zeppelin Cult. ALL will be on sale for exactly the same low, low price.

A.S. earns CD awards


-ANUBIS SPIRE would like to thank the fine folks at RANDOM BULLET / ELEVENTH HOUSE RECORDS (and especially to SUPER promo-wench, Kathy Stewart) for the great awards plaques that now decorate our studio walls and especially for sticking with us through the most turbulent decade the music biz has ever endured. The download totals absolutely floored us and had the era of free not been upon us we’d all be very rich right now. Still, many thanks to ALL of you who liked our music well enough to make the downloading effort, please spread the music around to anyone you think might appreciate it. We’ll keep making music as long as you keep listening….we promise! -A.S.