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– Sorry for the radio silence….but we have been working feverishly to get this album out before the end of the year….or end of the world…whichever comes first. Right now, the album is undergoing it’s final mastering and as soon as that’s done, we will be offering it for download at MUSXPAND.COM exclusively for a month before we offer other options. Watch this site for more details soon. – Bill

Bill’s soundtrack from 1988 just released!

The Final Dreams Of The Beast

Bill’s soundtrack from 1988 finally released!

— In 1988, I was approached by an independent filmmaker who asked me to compose a soundtrack for a film he was hoping to make. The film revolved around the final days of occultist, Aleister Crowley. After reading the script and seeing the storyboards, I told him I would record a short presentation and if he liked it, enough music for the entire film.

I initially tried using some other musicians (keyboardists), but trying to translate what was in my head -through to their fingers- proved impossible. The soundtrack I was hearing was far more abstract and ambient than I could accomplish with just my guitar and effects, so I decided to avoid rock guitar altogether, and instead ran out and bought one of the very first MIDI digital guitars available – a Casio DG-20, and a Yamaha FB-01 synth module for the voices.

All of this music was recorded with this (now) primitive setup.

Unfortunately, the film was never able to find the funding necessary to make it a reality. The recording languished in the tape vault of Random Bullet Studios until during the studio’s transition to digital, the eight track master tapes were accidently destroyed. It wasn’t until a stereo mixdown safety copy was recently found that there seemed any hope that this music would ever be heard by anyone but me. I have purposely avoided “updating” it, instead I present it here exactly as it was originally recorded and mixed. I hope it finds it’s way to the ears it was written for….

– Bill MacKechnie April 7th, 2012

Note: As always, this new release will be added to the ANUBIS SPIRE MusXpand page, bringing the amount of FULL ALBUMS you get for a CHEAP 15$ one year membership to SEVEN (and ERRATICA is just around the corner! so it’ll be EIGHT this year…) With more on the way!

We are now on MusXpand!

We are extremely happy to announce that ANUBIS SPIRE is now on MUSXPAND, the NEW way to get your favorite artist’s media for a LOW yearly (or even more economical, FOREVER subscription) price!

ALL our previously released music is available for download immediately to those becoming fans and the low fee also entitles you to ALL music released during your fanship year! These will include at least one new album a year and we are currently planning EXCLUSIVE releases for our MusXpand fans as well. As if that wasn’t enough, A.S. Lead guitarist, Bill MacKechnie, has agreed to make his solo albums available to subscribers as well! You cannot beat the value of MusXpand and that’s just ONE of it’s great features.

Please take a minute to check out their informative video presentation (MusXpand: How Does It Work?) -featuring the voice of our RANDOM BULLET RECORDS vixen, Kathy Stewart – here: For the WHOLE story. We’re confident you’ll be as excited about MusXpand as we are!