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NEW review of ERRATICA!

We’re always thankful that those who liked our releases take the time to let us know. Here’s another review from AMAZON.COM by SHOE08057

Rated 5 stars

“Tight disc – a great listen & addition to my collection. Anubis Spire’s music doesn’t “copy” – it’s all by itself with a sort of Egyptian undertone, yet pure “Prog Rock”. The haunting lyrics, searing guitar & tight delivery draw you into their musical world. After grabbing & listening to Erratica I searched out Anubis Spire’s other works and built my collection literally overnight to completion. You will not be disappointed. “

ERRATICA IS LIVE! Hear the ENTIRE new album right now at MUSXPAND!
“ERRATICA is a collection of songs about subjects that on the surface seem to have nothing to do with one another, but actually are inexorably linked at a much deeper level. Once again ANUBIS SPIRE asks us to put the puzzle pieces together to try to see the big picture, and as in their last offering in 2006, CHILDREN OF A FOREIGN FAITH, the effect is startling to those who make that effort. That said, all songs here more than stand on their own and can certainly be appreciated for their own merits. ERRATICA takes the A.S. saga forward by examining the truth about the past once again.”


– Sorry for the radio silence….but we have been working feverishly to get this album out before the end of the year….or end of the world…whichever comes first. Right now, the album is undergoing it’s final mastering and as soon as that’s done, we will be offering it for download at MUSXPAND.COM exclusively for a month before we offer other options. Watch this site for more details soon. – Bill