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ERRATICA review!

Special thanks go out to Ian Raggatt for being the first to take the time to post a GREAT review of ERRATICA at our new CDBaby page!

Anubis Spire come up trumps again
(Rated 5 out of 5 stars)

” The first thing you will notice about Progressive Rock band Anubis Spire is that instead of taking influences
from the usual suspects like Yes, Genesis or ELP, they have a sound all of their own. A sound that has been honed and crafted since the late 90’s. While it is true to say that Erratica is a little more commercial than previous releases, it is still both musically and lyrically challenging. In fact because of this i think they will attract more fans into the Anubis Spire fold. Bill MacKechnie’s guitar playing has always been of the highest order, but here he displays a new vocal maturity that ranges between heartfelt and menacing.
If you like your Prog musically and lyrically challenging with musical and vocal melodies that just won’t go away once they are inside your head, do yourself a big favour and buy this CD. It will be one purchase you won’t regret, and i have no doubt that Erratica will get many more 5 star ratings as i have Given it.
Excellent music from an excellent band. “

ERRATICA is now available at CDBaby!

ERRATICA is now available at CDBaby:

And will be available in digital downloads at Itunes, Amazon, etc., very shortly. We’ll let you know when it’s up.

Many thanks to those of you who took advantage of our discounted “friends and fans” CD price and bought directly from the manufacturer. We’ll be taking that price back to normal soon but will leave it for another day or so, so if you know anyone who might have expressed interest in the physical CD, let them know they can get it for a quarter of it’s retail price for only a day or two more.

We are now on MusXpand!

We are extremely happy to announce that ANUBIS SPIRE is now on MUSXPAND, the NEW way to get your favorite artist’s media for a LOW yearly (or even more economical, FOREVER subscription) price!

ALL our previously released music is available for download immediately to those becoming fans and the low fee also entitles you to ALL music released during your fanship year! These will include at least one new album a year and we are currently planning EXCLUSIVE releases for our MusXpand fans as well. As if that wasn’t enough, A.S. Lead guitarist, Bill MacKechnie, has agreed to make his solo albums available to subscribers as well! You cannot beat the value of MusXpand and that’s just ONE of it’s great features.

Please take a minute to check out their informative video presentation (MusXpand: How Does It Work?) -featuring the voice of our RANDOM BULLET RECORDS vixen, Kathy Stewart – here: For the WHOLE story. We’re confident you’ll be as excited about MusXpand as we are!