Anubis Spire

After fashion falls to rubble … we will still remain

3 buck sale ends tomight at 12 (Pacific time)

Tonight at midnight our 3 buck CD sale is closing. You may have noticed that we didn’t put a lot of promo into this, dunning you several times a day, every day,….. frankly, we didn’t have to. To all you who bought a cd or two to complete your collection and even to those dealers who knew a good thing when they saw it and bought a dozen of each title for pennies on the dollar…THANK YOU! We hope you make a bunch of $$$! Will we do it again? We’ll see….maybe next year…who knows.

This weekend’s FREE download is ALL PERCEPTION IS WRONG from the CHILDREN OF A FOREIGN FAITH album.

This week’s FREE download is from the forgotten past, before you were born….UNDERNEATH THE ROSWELL SUN.

This weeks FREE download is CHILDREN OF A FOREIGN FAITH, the title track from 2006’s album of the same name.

NEW review of ERRATICA!

We’re always thankful that those who liked our releases take the time to let us know. Here’s another review from AMAZON.COM by SHOE08057

Rated 5 stars

“Tight disc – a great listen & addition to my collection. Anubis Spire’s music doesn’t “copy” – it’s all by itself with a sort of Egyptian undertone, yet pure “Prog Rock”. The haunting lyrics, searing guitar & tight delivery draw you into their musical world. After grabbing & listening to Erratica I searched out Anubis Spire’s other works and built my collection literally overnight to completion. You will not be disappointed. “