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This section of featuring art photos was started in early 2011.
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This site is fairly new, and to start out, I have first added photo galleries made from scans of color slides taken from August, 1978
to May, 1980. These represent all the noteworthy shots I have on slides. In the future, I will be scanning my color negative collection,
which is a lot more vast, spanning from late 1974 to recent years... Please click on a link below to open a gallery...

These photos are available in a much larger resolution by request for a fee, permission is required to use any of these photos for any purpose other than viewing them here or printing/saving a copy for your own personal, non-commercial use. Do not use any of these photos on any other website, mailing list, or online collection without express permission. Upon request, I will willingly post any photo (with a copyright caption) anywhere you wish.
When using any photos (by permission), please include a credit as follows:
"Photo by Frank Florianz". All photos are my own, unless otherwise indicated within the descriptions.

Please visit this site often and enjoy the offerings...

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You can now order CD's and prints of specific photographs on this site. Simply write down the image filenames
and head over to the "Store" at the NEW CONTENT SITE.
These will be burned and printed using the original higher-resolution photos rather than the ones on this site, available in most cases.
You will get a CD with the hi-res images plus the prints (4x6, 5x7, or 8x10). Typical image size 6400x4200 pixels (about 4 megabytes each). Paypal accepted, plus credit cards via PayPal.

Added Winter-Spring 2011:

All the photos being added so far will be from the mid-1970's to around 1980, others will be added later as time allows. This is a very time-consuming process, requiring scannning as well as re-processing, touch-ups, and re-sizing of each photo. With this collection, I'm scanning the slides at the highest resolution possible with my scanner (4800 DPI) and the negatives at 2400DPI. Then I'm re-sizing them to 800 pixels for the web. The original scans are available for purchase (see above). I've done some enhancements on most photos by necessity, most needed to have dust spots removed, a color balance correction and a brighness adjustment. On some I took more liberties in the name of "art", such as re-doing them with a vintage-looking set of colors and/or enhancements to the sky.

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Color Slide Scans - Northeast USA - 1978-1980

The first sets I will be introducing were scanned from color Ektachrome 35mm slides, which I developed myself at the time. These were all taken between August 1978 and May, 1980. In August, 1978, I took a trip from Boston through Upstate New York, to Cleveland and then through Pennsylvania and back. These sets are more of a travel gallery than a strict set of "art" photos, but I will start here:

Upstate NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania - August 1978 - PART I

Upstate NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania - August 1978 - PART II

Upstate NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania - August 1978 - PART III

The next sets center on Boston, MA, taken from the fall of 1978 and into 1979. For the most colorful, see the "Mount Auburn Cemetary" set.

Boston, MA - Fall 1978 - PART I

Boston, MA - Fall 1978 - PART II - Mt Auburn Cemetery

Boston, MA - Fall 1978 - PART III - Mt Auburn Cemetery

Boston, MA - Early 1979 (winter) - PART IV

Boston, MA - 1979 - PART V

The next set is of another trip to Upstate New York, in early 1979...

Trip to Upstate NY, Spring, 1979

Here are three good-sized sets from New York City, taken from 1978 to 1980.

New York City - 1978-1979 - PART I

New York City - 1979-1980 - PART II

New York City - 1979 - PART III - Macy's Christmas

May 1980 - moving into my first "house" - a real shack way out in the sticks in central Upstate New York...

McDonough, NY - May, 1980

B&W Negative Scans - East Coast - Late 1970's (more to come...)

"Donna" - Queens, NY - Winter, 1979

Color Negative Scans - West Coast - 1974-1977

Tijuana, Mexico - November, 1974

San Francisco Christmas - December, 1974

Remember also, for the train and trolley photos from these sets, please visit Frank's Photography Site (link at top of page).

California Sierras, Reno, Nevada and vicinity - December 31, 1974 - January 1, 1975

More to come as time allows, the next sets will be more color negative scans from the mid-1970's on,
focusing on California (San Francisco and travels across the state)...

That's all for now... this will probably always be a work in progress...

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