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Beautiful Botanical Bathing Baskets...

Unique decorated baskets and gifts for any occasion


Please read the following information:

All baskets can be created with a custom color scheme,
a "theme" for the intended recipient, and with or without silk flowers.
Please let me know what type of design or "theme" you are looking for.
I can help you choose, knowing the age, gender, business, hobbies, etc.
of the recipient, and the holiday, season, or event
(birthday, graduation, Easter, etc.) for which it is being given.
The botanicals/toiletries may be ordered separately, without a basket.
Take a look at the "Products" page to review basket costs,
and the large variety of custom hand-made toiletry products avaiable.

The final arrangement and detailing of your chosen items is at my discretion.
The basic embellishment charge for a basket is $5.00, which includes
base paper, tissue, shredded paper/excelsior, and wrapping (as needed).
For cost of materials I can also embellish your basket with items such as
silk flowers, gold/silver leaves, seashells, ribbons, wheat sprigs, seagrass,
eucalyptus, cloth lining, or any other items I find available.


Generally, the oils, lotions, etc. are packaged in a glass bottle or container,
however plastic is also available (for children, elderly, or any other reason).
I can sometimes find rare, antique, or unusual bottles or other items
(at a higher cost), such as cobalt blue bottles, etc.
All used or antique items are sanitized.
I do custom painting on containers (such as wooden boxes) as well.


These items are obtained commercially, but I always try to find
something nice, and suited to your color and theme:

  • Candles with holders - $4.00 & up (votive size & larger), tapers $1 (alone)
  • Almost any soap I make can be put on a "rope" (braid, cord) for 25 cents per bar
  • Wash Cloths - $1.00 to $7.00
  • Hand Towels - $2.00 to $10.00
  • Bath Puffs - $1.00 to $3.00
  • Loofas - approx. $7.00
  • Facial Brushes - approx. $7.00
  • Natural Sponges - $5.00 to $12.00
  • Back Loofa - approx. $12.00
  • Wooden back massagers/foot rollers - $5.00 & up

  • Other than bath items, it is suggested to include at least one
    of these other "extras" as well:

  • Notecards - $2.00 & up
  • Writing Paper - $2.00 & up
  • Magnetic Tablets with sayings - $2.00 & up
  • Picture Frames (with appropriate saying included) - $2.00 & up
  • Glass Boxes (for Potpourri) - $2.00 if available
  • Small Silver Boxes (for Potpourri) - $1.00
  • Makeup Brushes - $2.00 & up
  • Hair Combs/Brush Combos - $4.00 & up
  • Hand Mirrors - $5.00 & up
  • Makeup Bags - $2.00 & up
  • Calendars - $2.00 & up
  • Small Journal Books - $2.00 & up
  • Soap dishes, incense, music CD's, etc.

  • If you have an idea, I can probably find it to add to your basket...

    Once you have your ideas together, please contact me for
    availability, scheduling, final price, and other concerns.

    Please go to the "Ordering" page for information on ordering and shipping.

    Please contact Wanda for further information:

    Wanda Florianz
    Beautiful Botanical Bathing Baskets

    Please send me an e-mail for further contact information.

    I offer custom arrangements including soaps,
    bath salts, lotions, and more....

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