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Last Updated on 10 January 2011 | Written by Administrator

Viewoftheblue.com has been online since the early 2000's, primarily as a repository of my earlier websites and later for our businesses and hobbies. My wife came up with the domain name, and at the time we lived in the southern Blue Ridge mountains in Asheville, NC, USA. We still live in the Appalachians, but now quite a bit farther north, in Pennsylvania, about 100 miles west of where I grew up in New Jersey. Prior to that, from the mid-90's on, I had used free hosting which was very limited and without a permanent URL. On the main entry page, viewoftheblue.com, you will find the links to our businesses and other content (photography, hobbies, etc.).

The main reason for this part of the site is for the flexibility in content, as well as expanding my web design and consulting business, I plan to add some personal articles and other content of interest as time goes on. Check back for future updates.