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Is this a commercial or personal site? Actually, both. It's maintained by one person, Frank, and I live in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I'm continually honing my web development skills and am looking for new clients. As far as the commercial aspects go, I offer web design and IT consulting, as well as retail inventory services and photography. I also occasionally work on custom vacuum tube amplifier projects. Going a bit further (not really mentioned on the site), I can do many other types of work on a per-job basis for local residents, electrical wiring, antennas, cables, security, and minor carpentry/electrical as well. My wife also does inventory services (specializing in convenience stores) as well as consulting on retail shrink control and paperwork (bookkeeping procedures). She's usually available for in-store marketing projects as well. Her other hobby/business is designing and creating gift baskets which are based on hand made soaps and bathing products. On the personal side, this site shares some of my hobbies. The largest content can be found in my photography sub-site, containing nearly 2,000 rail photographs spanning over 40 years, along with other subjects. Also, my ham radio and tube project interests are represented. We have custom software for the inventory industry as well. Growing up in the 60's and 70's, I also have quite a few "alternative" interests, Zen, metaphysics, philosophy, history, music, and so forth. The "old" area of the site devoted to this is "Franks Page". You can find all of this content via links on the main viewoftheblue.com entry page. Have fun, and write if have have need of our services...