Some Alternative Medical links

I have come across this information while researching the web on various medical topics, mostly out of curiosity. I do not endorse or vouch for any of this information, but I feel it should be available to those who haven't come across it on their own, to stimulate further reading, and an interest in alternatives. The two subjects I spent the most time on has been laetrile (found naturally in Apricot pits) which may prevent cancer, or control it, and colloidal silver, which is a natural antiobiotic and can be easily made at home. I will also attempt to add other links of similar interest, including herbs & supplements which contribute to general well-being. Thanks for your interest, and enjoy the readings...
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Laetrile / Apricot seed links

bullet2.gif Natural Cancer Treatments      A premiere B-17 / Laetrile site from Australia, all links are very helpful & interesting here
Laetrile       A good article on Laetrile, exploring the idea that cancer may be largely a B-17 deficiency, which was not a problem in older indigenous diets
Laetrile treatment for cancer       A good article on the history and effectiveness of Laetrile
Sun Organic Food      For apricot kernels, go to "online organic food catalog" and then "dried fruit"

Colloidal silver links

bullet2.gif The Colloidal Silver Discovery Center      A good intoductory site on this topic
Colloidal Silver - Super Antibiotic Rediscovery?      Very good synopsis on the properties of colloidal silver
Colloidal Silver Generators       Some general info on colloidal silver generators
Colloidal Silver Generators       Also includes other well-being topics & anti-cancer info
Coyote Zenterprises      A local NC source for a very reasonable generator, but if you do it yourself, his electrodes for $10 are among the most reasonable available, read his "rant" page too...
Colloidal Silver Website Database       This site has an great "how-to" to make it with 9 volt batteries in a beaker, click on the "Basic Colloidal Silver Tutorial
Safety of Colloidal Silver       This includes FDA info, be sure to go to "next page" also

Herbal remedy links

bullet2.gif Alkalize for Health      A site with a wide variety of anti-cancer lifestyle info, great reading
Hoxsey's Herbs Heal Cancers      Info on an early pioneer of an herbal cure, be sure to visit the "formula" info page also
Dr. Mercola's Health Newsletter       Info on natural health, establishment media deception, etc., including the dangers of conventional medical care
Alternative Cancer Therapy       Info & sources on all types of alternative cancer therapies
Choice of Therapy       A page from the above site with a great list of specific anti-cancer therapies, supplements & lifestyle infomation, very informative
Black Walnut Hulls       A treatment for intestinal parasites
Cure Zone      This site has a lot of info on cleansing & curing various ailments naturally
Herbal parasite cleaning      From the above site, cleansing parasites based on Hulda Clark's work
Parasite prevention & cleansing       More info on intestinal parasites, and herbal remedies