Buddhist Images                          



                 Tibetan characters for the sacred chant "OM MANI PADME HUM"

                                       "the jewel is in the heart of the lotus"

The following is a collection of Buddhist Images, primarily Tibetan in origin.

              An apparently recent art work (in Thangka style) of Shakyamuni Buddha

            From Thailand

           Mountainscape with four-sided Vajra (Dorje) symbol

            from Karma Dorje's website / De Jung Dzin Temple

                                    Eyes of a golden Buddha statue

          Symbol  and  flames


   "  Iron Man " - temple disciplinarian                        Tibetan Temple Library

 Norbulingka (18th century) near Lhasa, Tibet  -  part of summer palace of past Dalai Lamas

Mani pile, often seen on Tibetan roadsides, this one near Nagqu (Black River)

                                            The Potala,   Lhasa, Tibet


      Small Thangka

Tibetans at the Great Prayer Festival (January) at  Jokhang near Lhasa

                             Sera Monastery (1419) north of Lhasa, Tibet

                          A Stupa in Tibet

         Buddhist with prayer wheel

   Bronze statue of Tsong Kha-pa (at the Potala)

The following are photos of a young Lama / Tulku in training in Tibet