Buddhism / Eastern Religions

bullet2.gif  San Francisco Zen Center       SF Zendo, where I studied in the early 80's, great center
Zen @ Sunsite      Random koans, Zen texts & Zen Links - From UNC Chapel Hill
Zen Center of Asheville       Soto Zen Center, in the Katagiri-roshi lineage
Interlude: An Internet Retreat      From Cybermonks, thought of the day, meditation of the week
DharmaNet      Buddhist links, news, group lists, BBS's, chat
Buddhanet      Buddhist studies, online publications
Images of the Buddha      Great image gallery with collections from various countries
Online Dharma Libraries: Art      From Dharmanet - links to Buddhist art collections
Buddhist studies & the Arts       Long link collection of Buddhist art
Home Page of Tibet       Tibet study association (US) - explore lifestyle, spirit, art, etc.
Vajra 108's Buddhadharma Site      Tibetan orientation, Sutras, webring links, info
Maitreya Page      One group's view on future wisdom/evolving, messiah, etc.
Church of Tantra      Informative page with photos and links
Nepal Home Page: The Himalayas including link to Destination Himalayas      Info, great photos, trekking, geography of the Himalayas
Tsurphu Foundation       Tibetan Buddhist site, based on one lineage, check their predictions, though the original sites are offline, this link has info from the original sites
A No-thought Meditation       Thoughts by/about Rajneesh
Zen Mountain Monastery      A meditation retreat in the Catskills, NY - check out "teaching" and "arts gallery" - nice original photos and images