Entertainment / Humor

bullet2.gif Am I HOT or NOT?        Users post their pictures to get a wide net judgment, fun to check out all the entries & pics here, both male & female, but seems like a ludicrous college sport
Searchable Online Archive of Recipes       Over 7000 recipes here, including other cultures
Landover Baptist-America's Favorite Church        A parody church site - very funny, but some of those 'ol-tyme Christians may not think so!
Dave's Cocktail Bar        From the U.K. - A lot of info on drinks, from history to mixing them
Scott's Privy Page        Here are a few folks who dig up old outhouses for a living, hoping to find buried treasure!
Gothic Babe of the Week        Weekly woman of the genre, and a link to her page
Arcane Cam Portal        Web cams of various Goth people with site links
Camrecord        Galleries from female members' webcams
Anka Radakovich-Sexplorations       On-the-edge views from a woman's point of mind
Dumb Laws      Indexed by state, country
Urban Legends & Folklore      See if what you've believed is true, includes message groups, and be sure to check out the section on internet hoaxes, don't just forward that e-mail!
Chickenhead        "Stupefyingly vacuous" news-type site for entertainment
Asylum Sand Art Therapy        Create your own sand art from your browser
Moving to Florida? Better think again      All the negativity of Florida, and links to it - click on the link to the Florida Fun Page on the site - this is now also the Yuckles! page, fun links similar to Ray's/Eakle's/Deb's below, if you like this kind of stuff!
What's in YOUR Name      Index of thousands of names and their meanings, by the Kabalarian society of Canada
NT's Online Diversions        Simple online games you can play from your browser
Totally 70's      Relive that classic decade with the help of a blast from the past
Twilight Zone Directory      Everything you wanted to know about the Twilight Zone series
The Burrito Page       Everything about Burritos, including humor & links
Zen Cat       Cat pages for entertainment
Surrealist Poem Generator      Stop page loading to create bizarre poetry
PythonLine      For fans of Monty Python and related humor
Eakle's Family Entertainment      Humor and fun links within the site, many with a redneck flavor
DebsFunPages       Another great humor collection, many using Shockwave Flash
Uaxac Cib       Fine humor, politically (incorrect), hoaxes, thought provoking
Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers.com        A page for folks with entirely too much time on their hands
Tacky Postcard Archive       More pursuit of trivial retro on the web
Beach Cam, Venice, Ca.       Look out at the Pacific & passers-by on this live cam
WABC       WABC Musicradio 77 - from NYC to reminisce the past, many top 100 lists from over the years, DJ's, jingles, rock sites, etc.
Rat Pack       Sinatra, Martin, Davis, Lawford, Bishop & associated culture...let's go daddy-o
Kingdomality       Answer the questions and see what role you may fit in medieval society
Wacky Uses       Wacky uses/bizarre facts about well-known products