Frank 2001

              Frank (that's an older picture from the early 90's)

     A few words about myself   -  I was born in the northeast, and moved around the country quite a bit from the mid-70's to the mid-90's. Places I've lived include San Francisco, Boston, New York, Florida (briefly), and Eugene, Oregon. During that time, one of the places I lived the longest was in upstate NY north of Binghamton. I resided in Asheville, NC from 1996 - 2010, and now we are living in Pennsylvania. I enjoy the outdoors, surfing the Web, programming and anything else computer-related, classic rock, photography, trains, ham radio and electron tube circuits, history, and (especially in my younger days) many areas dealing with alternative spirituality, science fact and fiction and the paranormal. I had been single most of my life, and though I had made some good connections with interesting ladies over the years, nothing seemed to stick for too long. I met wife Wanda during my travels in the inventory business, we kept in touch and eventually were married in September, 2003. There's a link below for pictures from our trip to Niagara Falls and New York from that time.
For my web visitors, I'm always open to new contacts of similar interests to build up a good network of friends. I was briefly (just over a year each) involved with two Zen communities in the 80's, for one of which I was on the office staff as computer programmer. My spiritual interests range from Zen to Native American, Celtic, metaphysics, philosophy and just about anything which piques my interest, though as I get older, I've become more of an internet junkie, and do most of my reading there. I've had a good deal of experience in carpentry, electrical and related construction over the years, mostly as a hobby, and from doing quite a bit of work to just about every place I've owned. I've lived a (sort-of) back-to-the-land lifestyle out in the woods a few times, as well as a year helping on an organic produce farm near Eugene, Oregon. I've gotten back into Ham Radio again (since around 2008), a hobby I'd neglected for over 30 years.

     On the other pages of this site are various links I've found to be of interest, I hope you enjoy checking them out. Most were taken from my own bookmarks, and cover some interesting, unusual, and entertaining sites.


Links to my photography pages and my other photo sites on the web:

           Movies in QuickTime format - taken in 2008

           Trip to New York - Summer of 2007 - Page 1
           Trip to New York - Summer of 2007 - Page 2
           Trip to New York - Summer of 2007 - Page 3
           Trip to New York - Summer of 2007 - Page 4

           Various new photos from Summer 2005    More work on the house, also a few of the area (Bele Chere, etc.) 35mm.

           Our "kitty" Pristina     Added in January 2004, photos of kitten taken with a Mavica.

           Frank & Wanda's Wedding & Trip to New York     Added in November 2003, four pages with a total of 80 photos.

           Fall projects & Christmas at home, 2003     Added in December 2003, one page of photos at home.

           Mom & Uncle Gus come to visit, October 2002     Photos from their visit at that time.

           Frank's Photography Site on Angelfire     Featuring the Asheville area, my home, and a few travels.
Includes some colorful photos from festivals in the area, and a trip to Puerto Rico.

           Frank's Photography Site    Just being set up in 2009, this site includes a mirror of my Geocities site (photos mostly from the mid-70's in California, the West, and Mexico, as well as a few black & white galleries of Boston, including the Blizzard of '78, and some photos from New York city circa '79, including a WTC photo from the now-demolished West Side Highway.
This site has additional bio information, and quite a few galleries of rail and other vintage photos.