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Welcome to the site...though we now live in the northeast rather than Asheville, I am keeping
this site as a legacy site with few changes. Links will no longer be checked for being active,
but I'm sure there are many that are and will be for some time to come...

Last updated:     December 5, 2010

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I've kept this site as a vintage site, without too many changes. It was started in Spring, 1997 as one long page, and I eventually used frames. Newer sub-sites are all linked to on the main "viewoftheblue" index page, and I didn't want to change the look and feel here. Some of the links here appeared on the original 1997 page, but I added many dozens more in the years following.
As a disclaimer, I do not endorse any particular material reached via links on this site. I found these sites during much exploring in my younger days, and thought it to be a great idea to try to bring it all together into one big reference site. I keep an open mind to everything, and I feel that it's great to find such a huge volume of what I call "alternative" information out there on the web. My purpose here has been to share some of the resources I've found.
The one label I could fall into is being a "Zen" person. It's basically non-dogmatic, a way of keeping a clear, underlying consciousness in whatever you do, and not really accepting or rejecting anything or any idea that comes your way. The Zen Quotations selection, which I compiled in 1981, is a recommended visit.

Check out this site for a nice visual/prose journey:     The Great Illusion

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Anubis Spire - visit Anubis Spire & Bill MacKechnie on Facebook, and listen to some of their music here:   Anubis Spire on CDBaby


Hope you'll enjoy your visit and find something of interest in your travels.

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This site has been in operation since Spring, '97 and has been maintained by direct HTML editing.

Many thanks to the kind folks I have networked with over the years...

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