Native American / Pagan / Shaman

bullet2.gif Appalachian Pagan Alliance      Pagan group based in Asheville, NC
SerpentStone       Pagan group based in Asheville, NC
Coven Oldenwilde       Another Asheville group which holds events
The Witches' Voice      A large networking and P.R. site for all things Pagan
Diversity, Unity & the Inevitable Conflicts       A good essay by an editor of Witchvox, with links to other essays
Pagan Tea House       Large collection of pagan links in many categories
Crystal Visions       New Age bookstore near Asheville, & scheduled events
Cherokee Indians       Home page of the Cherokee Indians in Western N.C.
Shamanism Animal Spirits Guide      Great info and photos on animal spirits
Foundation for Shamanic Studies       Michael Harner's organization, has audio files
Lucky Mojo - Hoodoo page       Info on Hoodoo, an African-American pagan folk tradition
Grey Wing's Manor House      Wiccan studies, very well-made pages, audio background
Native American Prophecy & Ancient Prophecy        Comprehensive Native American Prophecy site
Pagan-Wiccan Links       Long list of links for these interests
Herbal Encyclopedia       Medicinal & magickal properties, and growing them
Powersource       Native American site, check out MariJo Moore's page - local author
Wolf Lodge      Native American Site: Hu-man evolution/philosophy, see Wolf Lodge (feature site)
Celtic Druidism      Info, stories, links on Druidism
Chapel Perilous      Medieval art, decadence, stories, sensual images -- check out the writings in "Sins of Coffee" under Sepulchritude
Inanna Returns      Irreverent humor/satire on New Age topics
Church of Gnostic Luminism      From psychedelics to Post-Apocalyptic paganism
Celtic Connection       Overview & links on Wicca
Morgana's Observatory       Native American Prophecies

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