New Age / Networking / Communities / Paranormal

bullet2.gif Gnostic Judas       A site about the recently discovered Gospel of Judas (by National Geographic), and some additional links on Gnosticism
Network 2012       An international communications hub for lightworkers
Horoscope Natal Chart       Free chart - fill in the info to get a detailed analysis
Free Will Astrology       Rob Brezsny's humorous astrology site, syndicated in alternative newspapers
John Edward      A medium who contacts those who have passed, has an extraordinary gift, and is now seen on TV
The Gospel of Thomas Homepage        Insight into this gnostic text
Cloud-Gazing - Art in the Sky       View some of these photos and see if you're equally inspired
The Adrian Empire      Nationwide medieval recreation society      Asheville-based group - ghost hunting & haunted locations
Spiritweb      Spirit/New Age network and infobase, check out their discussion groups
Channelings & Higher Realms      From spiritweb, extensive text material by channelers
Universal Life Church       Very open spiritual organization, become ordained for free online
A Sense of Movement      Fly over a virtual, mystical cloudlike landscape
Intentional Communities Website      Info, articles, check out their RESOURCES list
World Light Center       Lightworking, metaphysics, channeling
Harry Hoxsey       Article on a pioneer of an herbal cancer cure
Afterlife Secrets Revealed      Afterlife, NDE accounts, views from various traditions
Division of Human Consciousness & Survival of Bodily Death      Division theory, and the study of the afterlife from traditions past & present
Welcome Home      Rainbow Family's Home Page
GaiaMind      Earth, consciousness, interconnectedness, planetary configurations
A.R.E. Inc.      Group founded based on Edgar Cayce's channelings
Blavatsky Net       On Theosophy, common spiritual links, etc.
Joseph Campbell Foundation       Organization of the late & foremost scholar on mythology
Heaven's Gate      Reproduction of the original site posted by the ill-fated group
Findhorn Community      Home page of the famous eco/spiritual community in Scotland
The Power of Crystals & Stones      Long glossary on crystals and their energy/healing properties
Earthlight Foundation       A planned intentional community near Asheville
Earthhaven Eco-Village      An eco-community near Asheville, gives workshops
Hippy Havens      See where this type of culture is still flourishing
Seth Network      Organization based on Jane Roberts and the Seth channelings       Info on Nostradamus' writings, free links to .pdf files of his writings, (requires free registering)