General / News of the unusual

bullet2.gif Art Bell Web Site      News of the unusual from a popular talk-radio host, plus links, be sure to check his latest link collection
Earthfiles      From Linda Moulton Howe (assoc. with Art Bell), extensive news files of the unusual
Art Bell Web Guide       Links to most news service sites in the US and world-wide
Jeff Rense Program       Talk show and news of the unusual and noteworthy, with links to various topics, similar to Art Bell
Daily Bikini      Many news links, good start page as above, but this one includes a daily picture
Jamaica Gleaner       News from Jamaica
The Onion       Satire-based news site
Leading Edge Int'l Research Group      Huge collection of lnks and sublinks on a vast array of planetary paradigms
The Hunger Site      Just a click a day sends free food from sponsors to poorer countries       Just a click here saves a small chunk of rainforest for posterity's Race For The Rain Forest       Another free click to help save the rainforest, be sure to click "BACK" when done and help save the Big Cats as well
The Rainforest Site      Yet another rainforest site, this one by those who bring you The Hunger Site
Jose Arguelles      Arguelles and his work, includes Mayan Calendar links
Resonate      Check out Mayan Calendar info and Writings & Stories
Loch Ness Monster       Nessie on the net in Scotland
Crop Circle Connector      Info, images and links on this unusual phenomenon
Pieces of an Enigma      Interesting visual graphics and trip, on a site by a lifetime experiencer of the paranormal
Contrails      Activist page with much documentation, stories, photos on this phenomenon