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Photos from our trip to New York, 2007
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These were taken July 4-10, 2007...
I used my old Minolta 35mm Maxxum, and had the photos put on CD's by Walgreens, but their work was not as good as expected. The original prints are of a much better quality, sharper and not cut off at times. Also, they were all upside down on the CD and with a cryptic numbering system. I couldn't even get my Windows computer to read the CD's, so I had to copy the photos over from another computer running Linux. But it did save a lot of work scanning them, hope this will do for now...
BTW, one of my hobbies is train photography, so you will see that a good number of these pictures are of the various transit systems I encountered, as well as museum, street, Coney Island, and Statue of Liberty photos.

Getting ready to leave Charlotte on the Carolinean,
around 7:30 AM July 4th. This was just me, as Wanda flew to Richmond,
and joined me later with her sister & nephew on the same train to NY.

Side view of the Carolinean.

The station stop at Raleigh, NC, later in the morning.

Crossing a rocky river south of Richmond, VA.

Wanda, her sister Lee, and nephew Nathaniel join me at Richmond.

A Washington Metro train as seen from our train.

Another shot of a Washington Metro train.

Arriving at the Washington, DC Union Station, lower level.

An electric locomotive was hooked up to take us the rest of the way to New York.

Another view of the platform, our train is at the left.

Front view of our train with the electric locomotive.

An Amtrak diesel, like the one that was on the head end from Charlotte.
This is the train from Savannah arriving next to ours.

The next morning, Hotel Pennsylvania, across from Penn Station, NYC.

Around 33rd St. and 6th Avenue, where Nathaniel & I will
board the "tube" (PATH) train to Hoboken for a side trip.

The tube trains, at the end of the line at 33rd St.

View at the historic, restored Hoboken terminal.

Also at Hoboken terminal.

Outside Hoboken terminal, built in 1907, celebrating its 100th year

Inside Hoboken Terminal.

Track gates at Hoboken Terminal.

Waterfront area at Hoboken terminal, looking toward lower Manhattan.

Switcher engine at Hoboken Terminal.

Stub end of new light rail station at Hoboken terminal.

Light rail train at Hoboken.

Light rail at Hoboken, this trolley-type line is fairly new.

At the Tonnelle Ave. terminus of the NJ Transit light rail, several
miles from Hoboken, there are a few lines now in operation in the area,
plus two of the same type in nearby Newark, one brand new as well .

The tube train station at Hoboken, opened in 1908,
this time we will be taking the World Trade Center train.

The newly re-opened World Trade Center PATH station.

Arriving at WTC, we find that we're in the ground zero crater.

Photo of the work being done at "ground zero".

The new PATH station below, as seen from the north side of ground zero.

One way to make more money per parking space (near downtown Brooklyn).

Nathaniel getting ready to visit the transit museum in Brooklyn.

Hope you enjoyed these.
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