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Photos from our trip to New York, 2007
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These were taken July 4-10, 2007...
I used my old Minolta 35mm Maxxum, and had the photos put on CD's by Walgreens. Quality not as good as the prints, but it did save a lot of work scanning them, hope this will do for now...

Nathaniel standing by vintage subway signs at the NY Transit Museum
in Brooklyn. This museum has 2 levels and is housed in
an underground discontinued real subway station.

Another view of some of these signs.

One of the many picture/model exhibits at the museum.

Another collage.

Nathaniel by an exhibit of many of the Brooklyn trolley cars
of the past, made decades ago from wood by a local doctor.

Downstairs on the platform, many old subway cars spanning 100+ years.

Most of these still have the vintage ads on the headboards.

A vintage BMT car with the white poles and fans.

A newer car, but from the mid 20th century.

Ancient wooden cars with metal gatework, early 20th century.

Various "pay" turnstiles from over the years.

Outside view of the Waldorf-Astoria, where we stayed for four of
our six nights in NYC.

A patio on another part of the hotel, we were on the 23rd floor.

View from our room, where you can see the Chrysler building.

Wanda sending a fax from our "living room" area.
There were also 2 bedrooms & 2 baths in the suite, for the 4 of us.

Lee, Nathaniel & Wanda at the entrance to the hotel.

Getting on the subway, 1/2 block away at 51st & Lexington.

Chinatown, Canal & Centre St.

Wanda wondering "where's a good place to eat,
we already walked more than 3 blocks".

Another view along Canal St. in Chinatown.

Front of Grand Central Terminal.

Front of Grand Central Terminal.

View at Grand Central Terminal.

View at Grand Central Terminal.

View at Grand Central Terminal.

View at Grand Central Terminal.

View at Grand Central Terminal.

View at Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal, lower level, about 100 shops & food vendors.

Grand Central Terminal, they even had a good sized gourmet market.

Inside the market at Grand Central Terminal.

Front of Metropolitan Museum of Art by Central Park.

An Egyptian exhibit inside the museum. This place is huge.

Hope you enjoyed these.
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