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Photos from our trip to New York, 2007
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These were taken July 4-10, 2007...
I used my old Minolta 35mm Maxxum, and had the photos put on CD's by Walgreens. Quality not as good as the prints, but it did save a lot of work scanning them, hope this will do for now...

Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, part of the Egyptian area.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, an Asian garden.

Flowers on the stoop of an upscale home near the museum.

Nathaniel, Lee and I went to Coney Island Friday night, July 6th,
and we arrived via subway here.

View at the western part of the subway complex.

Finally downstairs on the street.

A view of the original Nathans Hot Dog restaurant, taken before dark.

Activity along Surf Ave., Coney Island, Brooklyn.

The newly rebuilt BMT subway station at Coney Island.

Another view along Surf Ave., before dark.

A few shops, and entrance to the arcade area at Coney Island.

The Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island, opened in 1927.

Ferris wheel at Coney Island.

Bumper car ride.

Looking east along the huge boardwalk.

Looking west along the boardwalk, getting closer to dusk.

Central area of boardwalk.

Beach area.

Beach area.

Coney Island at dusk.

Coney Island at dusk.

My turn for supper, had a nice Italian hot sausage sandwich & a beer.

Nathaniel on one of the rides.

The childrens' midway area.

Coney Island/Astroland after dark.

Nathan's Restaurant after dark.

Inside getting a snack before we head back to Manhattan.

La Maison du Chocolat along Madison Ave., a few blocks from the
Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).

Statues on a home on a side street near the MMA.

Grandfather clocks at the MMA.

Asian sculptures at the MMA.

Another bronze Asian statue.

The main foyer when entering the museum, seen from the second floor.

Hope you enjoyed these.
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