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Photos from our trip to New York, 2007
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These were taken July 4-10, 2007...
I used my old Minolta 35mm Maxxum, and had the photos put on CD's by Walgreens. Quality not as good as the prints, but it did save a lot of work scanning them, hope this will do for now...

Inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I took Nathaniel to see some
paintings while Lee and Wanda were in the Egyptian area over 6 hours.
This is a pair of works by Dutch artist Gerard David (1455-1523).

Street artists outside the museum doing a musical puppet skit.

Renoir's "Blonde Bather", 1881.

Renoir's "At the Concert", 1880.

Renoir's "Sleeping Girl with Cat", 1880.

Van Gogh, "Wheat field with cypresses".

Renoir, "Daughters of Catulle Mendes", 1888.

Nathaniel by the Knights in Armor exhibit area.

We got a car service on Sunday to go to our other hotel in Queens,
here we are crossing the Triboro Bridge, with a view of the
Hell Gate (railroad) bridge approach at the left.

While we stayed in Queens, near LaGuardia airport, we had to take
a bus to the subway a few times to get back to Manhattan, but then
we had our choice of the 7 line (elevated over Roosevelt Ave., or the IND under Queens Blvd.
Here's the entrance to the 7 line at 82nd St.

Under the 7 line along Roosevelt Ave.

Another view under the 7 line.

Our train pulling in.

Arriving at the Grand Central subway stop in Manhattan,
it was very hot all week and every day was a bad hair day.

Lafayette St. at Astor Place (lower East side), where we
went to see an off-Broadway play on Sunday (Blue Man Group).

Ads at Times Square, taken from across the street at the
huge 3-story M&M store. The others "had" to go there,
also to the huge Toys-R-Us nearby.

A view near Times Square.

Near Times Square, too many huge billboard-sized TV screens everywhere, and too many other ads, wall-to-wall people as well.

The Roosevelt Ave/Queens Blvd modernized subway station in
Jackson Heights, Queens, serving several lines.

On Monday, July 9, our last full day there, we went to the
Statue of Liberty by Circle Line ferry. It took most of the day,
and we had to go through 2 airport style x-ray screenings to get there.
Here it is, approaching by ferry.

Our boat at the dock.

Dock seen at a distance from the Statue of Liberty.

Manhattan seen in the haze from the Statue of Liberty.

Ellis Island (and New Jersey behind it) seen from the Statue.

The promenade/gift shop/approach, seen from the statue.

The statue as seen from its base, they only allow visitors up to
the feet area nowadays, but you can look up inside the statue.

Next stop was Ellis Island, here you can see the Statue of Liberty
framed in one of the great windows on the second floor.

The great hall (2nd floor) of the main Ellis Island building,
where the immigrants lined up waiting to be processed.

The harbor area from Ellis Island, the red boat is a Staten Island Ferry.

Lower Manhattan seen from Ellis Island, the haze cleared away later.

Kids playing in a fountain at Battery Park, Manhattan.

North end of the Prospect Park shuttle (subway/el), we were going
to try to visit the Brooklyn Museum on Tues morning, just before
going back to Penn Station for our trains home, but it was closed.

Some of the old tenaments in that part of Brooklyn.

The stub end of that 1 track shuttle line, taken from the
same spot as the previous photo, looking the opposite direction.

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoyed these. Come back often and e-mail me if you would like any prints or if you would like permission to use any of these these on another site.
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