Psychedelia / Original thought & art

bullet2.gif Electric Eden      Great wall art available from a visitor to my site...
The Vaults of Erowid      Spirituality, entheogens, and culture
The Lycaeum      Entheogen library, online community
Lycaeum Specimen Archives      If you didn't run across it above, a library of 100's of plants
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension       Many areas of study related to psychedelics & culture
Levity      An important and favorite website for Mayan 2012 info: try these suggestions...Go to Terence McKenna's Hyperboria, click on Eschaton, then Omega Point, also look under "The Final Illusion" on main Hyperborea page; Go to Mavericks of the Mind, then click again on this title in scrollbar and check out some of these visionaries... Also check out Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension
John C. Lilly Homepage       Dolphins, whales, interspecies communication, deprivation tanks, psychedelics, "Cetacean Nation"
N. American Industrial Hemp Council       Info on the movement for industrial production
Levellers      Libertarians and hemp activists
Post-Modern Psychedelia       More info for today's interests
Mutanex       Weird surreal graphics on the eschaton/future
Chaos Matrix       Science and magickal wisdom of chaos
Trans- and Post-Humanity       Futuristic look at changes and evolution of human nature in the cyber age
Library of Posthumanity       Another page similar to the one above, featuring links on art, technology, society, etc.
Eye-Candy      Archive of surreal psychedelic graphics programs, try Kaleidoplasma & others
Miscellaneous Cyberdelia       More computer generated visuals and imagery
Weird & Wired      Weirdness, art, tarot, magick, unexplained, humor