Science / Environment

bullet2.gif  Strange Science       The rocky road to modern paleontology & biology - includes graphics and a "goof" gallery while exploring the errings of science history
The Feather Site      Lots of info on chicken breeds and other poultry
Earth & Sky      The popular NPR science series, check out their archives
StarDate Online       Another NPR-affiliated astronomy info site
Adler Planetarium      From Chicago - Astronomy, art, collections, live SKY-EYE Webcam
Earth Weather      Earth, space, ozone, solar activity, quakes, war, drought, etc.(slow-load)
Recent Quakes Calif/Nevada       Monitor the West Coast (good map), lots of activity
Recent Quakes Central U.S.       Similar to above, but for the central/ southeast U.S., giving listing and map
Seismo-Watch      Another quake site, more comprehensive, has good links and pop-up topographical maps
Today's Space Weather       From the Nat'l Oceanic & Atmospheric gov't org.
Current Solar Data      Solar activity
Nine Planets       Multimedia tour of the Solar System
Virtual Cave       See photos of various cave formations, site includes a directory of public caves in the U.S.
Climate Canary IV       Compendium of Media Climate News
HAARPing on        More info on the potentially harmful high radiation project
Solar System Simulator       Imagine yourself on Mars looking at Saturn on a special date
Mr. Solar Home Page      Articles on all types of do-it-yourself solar power with Q&A sections
Backwoods Home Magazine       Ideas for self-reliant living
Homepower      Info/articles on energy self-sufficiency
HIV & AIDS: Rethinking AIDS Website       Strong new thought in a completely different direction