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Photos of fall projects & Christmas at home, 2003, Asheville, NC

These are all on one page - - hope you enjoy the pictures...

The first set was taken with a Minolta 35mm camera...

Halloween decorations along the front lawn near the road

Halloween decorations along the front by the road

New deck walkway along the back of the shed

'95 Subaru I bought in October to replace the Saturn

New parking area at rear, showing Ford Ranger & new stairs

Wanda on driveway during first snow just after Thanksgiving

Wanda on driveway during first snow just after Thanksgiving

Wanda on driveway at stone wall in front of the propane tank

Newly remodeled office room upstairs with new counters & shelves

Poinsettias by door and Christmas decor on coffee table in living room

Christmas tree in rec room, which we cut at a tree farm near Boone, NC

Both vehicles in garage, and wreath on door

Another view of the new stairs leading up to the shed & guestroom area

Pansies we planted in a small bed at the side of the house

The following were taken with a Sony Mavica digital camera:

Small Christmas village and soap Wanda made on kitchen table

Lights and decorations on our Christmas tree

The woodstove and a bunch of firewood we brought in for the cold weather

A few plants and a big green Christmas ball in the upstairs greenhouse window

Another view of the remodeled office/computer room

Another tree in the upstairs vestibule/reading room, this one is fake

Wanda in the kitchen/living room area during soapmaking

Me in the living room (bad hair day), but at least I got in the pictures

Christmas decorations on the upstairs balcony overlooking the living room

Kitchen table, after Wanda made more soap & was working on gift baskets

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