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Convenience store specialist

We specialize in convenience store inventories and have been in the business for nearly 20 years, working in many areas of the country and also supervising the inventories of military commissaries. We are independent contractor/consultant and can perform a wide range of custom-tailored inventories/retail audits to suit your needs as a business owner. Whether you are just a one-store business or a corporate chain, we can help you keep track of your inventory on a monthly or quarterly basis and assist in other areas of troubleshooting as well.
We are located in Wilkes-Barre, PA, but can cover a good-sized radius, and if your chain has multiple stores enough to warrant hotel expenses, we can travel even further to service your stores, for example New Jersey and the Southern tier of New York.
We use standard National Datacomputer handheld units, and very good laptop software to generate detailed and custom reports for each client's need. Besides tracking your major department breakdowns, we include a list of about 2-3 dozen additional subcategories on the reports, so you can track additional items such as HBA, batteries/film, sunglasses, audio tapes, etc., more easily, at no additional cost to you.
Our reports also include very detailed location breakdowns, such as the left/right/front/back of each gondola and the walls, numbered cooler doors and separate back room figures. We can enter your sales, half-sales, purchases, credits and other paperwork into our reports on the fly so you can have an accurate adjusted figure to the start of the business day. We can also provide a cigarette pack count with as many categories or price points as you require, and can audit your food service items such as by cup count or by coffee/bag-in-a-box, and other deli and food supply inventory methods. Our reports can track your trends for up to 7 total inventory periods.
With your book figures (perpetual inventory) available, we can compute and print out your shortages and overages by department at the close of each inventory, and if necessary, get the paperwork faxed or mailed to your home office in a timely mannner.
As an additional service, we can offer consulting on shrink control for both employees and supervisors, offer help on improving your current paperwork and inventory control methods if you wish, and other related areas such as form creation and additional tracking strategies.

We use a custom inventory software application which is browser-based and very modern. It allows direct uploading from National Datacomputer 2.5's to a nice graphical interface and will run on most Windows-based laptops. For more information, click on this banner:


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