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About Us

Our history:

The business is primarily run by myself, Frank, and my wife assists on various matters, such as physical inventories, photography, marketing and other subcontracting. We've been using the name "Open Computer Consulting Services" since 2004.
I've been involved with computers for 40 years, since I wrote my first programs in Fortran and Basic in 1971. In the 80's, I developed some business application software for Apple-based computers (and later PC's), written in Pascal and Basic. For me, it's been more of an avid hobby than a profession, though since 1991 I've been continuously involved in the inventory business, and since 2000 actively involved in Linux and open-source software, to the point of being an active installer, tester, and to some extent a developer of Linux-based software, mostly in the scripting area. I've been involved on various forums, providing feedback, testing, as well as moderating skills and tech support. Since 2004, I've written and maintained commercial software for the inventory business, and since the late 90's have designed and maintained websites for myself and others. In the photography arena, I've been fairly productive as a free-lance amateur photographer since 1969, covering various areas (especially rail photography) and vintage "slice-of-life" documentation over the years. Some of my work has been published. In the tech arena, I became a radio amateur in 1970, and learned radio theory and tube circuit design, which I still maintain as a hobby today with an Extra class FCC license. As an outtake from those skills, I've done electrical wiring periodically since 1980, some antenna installation, data cabling, security system, video camera work and also radio-to-computer interfaces. I've gotten to a point where I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping people and businesses get started and become self-sufficient in the resources and technology they need. This approach makes the client more self-sufficient and eliminates much of the costs of a service contract. Why not learn a few basic skills in your own organization than pay to be dependent on another company? I'm also available to assist clients with ongoing services where needed. With that said, I'd like to invite you to contact me for your information technology needs, and set you up with the tools most needed and most cost-efficient to achieve your goals. I look forward to assisting you with your endeavors.