Mountain AuditStreams Retail Inventory System...

Give your inventory business a competitive modern professional cutting edge...

Offer your customers in-depth reports and analyses that few competitors can provide, whether or not you currently use machines capable of transmitting.

Full transmitting capability "out-of-the-box" with National Datacomputer DC2.5 or DC5 handhelds (now usually marketed as the "AST" brand). One of my clients just started useing DC5's in 2011 with good results...
You use the same machine software you are most likely now using, the default "Financial Audit" application which is usually already installed when you purchase these machines. Windows VISTA & Windows 7 are also supported. Note for Windows Vista/7 users with newer laptops: If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, this system will not be compatible, as the Datacomputers send data using an old DOS serial port interface. However, you may re-install a 32-bit version of Windows on these laptops fairly easily.
New for 2010-2011: February 2010: Version 6.0 available for Windows or Linux. Ubuntu Linux (or Debian & variants) is recommended, though with a few tweaks it should run on any system. The 6.0 version now includes a completely updated background system: Apache 2.2.14 --- MySQL 5.1.41 -- PHP 5.3.1, which updates these components to the most current as of early 2010. Windows versions prior to XP SP2 are no longer supported. For 2011, the software is still maintained, however after several years of upgrades our users agree it is solid, dependable and usable for years to come, so it's at the point (perhaps) that no new versions will be released. There are currently no known bugs in normal-use situations.
In 2011 and later, a few minor cosmetic fixes have been/may be added, but it will still be called Version 6.0
Native serial port or USB-serial adapters supported.
Backup files by single store or all stores allow porting data to additional computers easily, even in a mixed Windows/Linux environment.

Professional inventory reports, direct cable uploading of your handhelds in seconds, currents/priors (up to 7 months for summary data, one prior for all detailed data), easy point-and-click interface, unlimited automatically-created store databases and archiving features.
Now includes fully customizable section, side & category capability, or you can use the suggested defaults requiring no setup time. In that case it's ready to run, just be sure your field lengths are correct and program your machines with the same sections/sides/categories in "edit master files"...

List of reports generated by the system as "web pages" in your browser of choice:

AREA REPORT - Detailed list of each area (current/prior) with category breakdowns and subtotals
BRIEF AREA REPORT - Same as the area report but omits sides and cooler door numbers
CATEGORY REPORT - List of currents/priors for all categories counted
CATEGORY QUANTITY & PRICE COMPARISON - Dollars, quantities and average price for current & prior
SUMMARY REPORT - Counts for your major departments, adjusted with sales, purchases & credits
Also has a quantity table for cigarette packs by category, and any other quantity-enabled categories. A second SUMMARY REPORT shows average cigarette prices as well
BOOK INVENTORY REPORT - Displays short/over inventory results when store book figures are entered
DEPARTMENT COST REPORT - Backs down the adjusted inventory by dept to cost using markup or gross margin
CATEGORY COST REPORT - Same as the DEPARTMENT COST REPORT, but uses categories instead
HISTORY ANALYSIS REPORT - A detailed analysis for current and 6 priors including book figure results
CATEGORY HISTORY REPORT - Detail report covering up to 7 months, showing the category dollar levels
COVER PAGE - A professional cover page which allows entry of additional custom text for each inventory
STORE EVALUATION REPORT - Provide your customers' home office with up to 30 graded questions on
the store condition, which includes the current month and 6 prior months.

------> site updated July, 2011: version 6.0 now available (as of February 2010 with minor 2011 fixes)...

This may be the final release version, except for minor upgrades...the software is well mature.
Here are two quick and partial screenshots, be sure to visit the demo area below for access to a fully navigatible mock-up interface with full sample copies of the various reports...
Best of all, once set up, it's just a few clicks to upload your data and print the reports, as well as archive and backup everything, or to add new stores. Very little user-time needed for all of the automatic features and reports provided... you will be greatly pleased once choosing this software, it's a wise investment in your inventory business... See below for a full list of features and pricing...

Snippet of an area report showing one gondola:

Snippet of the history report showing one department (cropped from screenshot): hist.jpg

Competitive Features...


For direct cable transmitting: National Datacomputer/AST handhelds, must be DC2.5 or DC5's. I can provide support for 2.0's if I am provided with a copy of the machine software, or even a copy of the output files sent to PC if you send them to me by e-mail. For the newer DC5 machines, be sure to purchase units with the compatible "Financial Audit" program, for example V1.12h/CE. Any other units/brands, send me your output files for review. The 2.0 units already loaded with the older NDC software may work, but have not been tested.
Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 or Linux on your laptop.
VISTA/Windows 7 require a few extra steps due to security, info will be provided to you.
The installation requires basic computer skills, and takes about 10-15 minutes. Version 6.0 includes a "how-to" installation video.
A full serial null-modem cable (25 pin male to 9 pin female) or USB-serial converter (DC5 machines are 9 pin-to-9 pin).
At least a 600MHz processor, and 256 Megs of RAM recommended (slower machines may work).

The system itself is very modern, it has been written to run in a web browser. It's based on a background system running the Apache (open-source) web server, the MySQL (open-source) database server, and PHP (also open-source, which means no licensing costs). PHP allows program scripts similar to "C" language commands to execute on the fly as embedded commands in the web "pages" which are provided with the system. All commands will immediately update your "live" databases, and, along with the backup options, provide 3 levels of data integrity. The system is very easy to use once gaining familiarity with the pages and functions.
All components of the system will install very easily on your laptop, and you will be
up and running very quickly with just a few commands.

I have provided an online demo for you to explore, and it will open in a new window. In this demo, none of the forms or clickable buttons will do anything, but you may navigate all the pages and functions of a previously set-up demo store, and view all the output of the reports. A few of the of the pages will have differing dates (and perhaps data) due to updated features released later, and the difficulty of retaining an older single "snapshot" of one particular store while showing pages with updated features.

On the entry page, there are links for "User Documentation" and a "Quick Reference Guide" at the lower left. These will open in a new window. Click these to view the full documentation (as of this writing). Enter the demo system via the large "Enter" link at the center of the page.

In addition to navigating (using the green links at the top of each page), you can (1) open the "Preview Transmission", "Capture" or "Transmission Utility Page" links on the "Transmit" page to see what these actions may produce (and here, these are only a mock-up for sake of the demo), (2) go to the reports page and bring up each report provided by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page, (3) view samples of a typical floppy (floppy support now discontinued, but you may request it if need be), hard drive or pen drive backup directory on the backups page. Close these extra pop-up windows (for the "transmit" items, reports, and backup directory samples) when finished viewing them. Close the main window to return here. This is only a demo, so the total integrity of the data/quantities among the pages may not be completely consistent. The actual machine "transmit" and audit trail script are run from lower-level system-generated windows, so will not be displayed here in the demo, but you can click the second link to see a sample screen running the "audit" audit trail application.

Click here to start the demo

Note on the DEMO - This shows a version a few years old which does not include
all the reports or cosmetic updates in the latest version, as well as some new features.
As time allows, this will be eventually updated, but will give you a basic overview.

Sample screenshot of "audit"

The application can be provided to you on a CD or pen drive.

Current pricing (3 plans):

COMPANY: Installation media for up to four teams and full one year tech support
for each registered user (up to 4) via phone or e-mail: $795.00
Additional teams (over 4): $100.00 per team including tech-support

STRIPPED:Same offer, but with media that do not include direct-cable transmission features
or audit trails (i.e., "manual-entry-only" versions/ICAL users,etc.): $395.00 (for up to 4 teams).

ECONOMY: Full installation (including direct-cable transmitting) for a one-site user (for example a husband/wife team), including 6 months tech support: $595.00

Periodic upgrades and feature enhancements: Free to any paid registrant for one year (critical upgrades free without restrictions).

The current version includes several new enhancements, well tested in the field, and should work well provided you stay within the recommended parameters mentioned in the user documentation, and have set up your handhelds per the documentation. Using this software, you agree to hold the writer free from any harm due to lack of fitness for purpose, lost data, or any incidental damages. Custom setups (such as supported categories, departments, section and side descriptions) which differ from the default settings shipped with the media can be provided at reasonable cost, based on time required to implement the changes, but virtually all of this customization can be now done within the interface. This software's custom scripts have been copyrighted and archived with the U.S. government copyright office and Library of Congress.

Replacement media (only to original registered users and shipped to the same names and addresses): $30 (the replacement media may contain newer versions of the scripts than your original, but the background system will most likely be the same).

When ordering installation media as new user(s), you must specify the primary e-mail address(es) of yourself and the others (if ordered as a group), your business/cell number(s) and name(s) which will be used for tech support calls. When ordering for up to four persons (as above), please indicate the names of the additional registrees when ordering. No requests for support will be honored for any other persons. You must agree to not sell or redistribute this software to any third parties, nor alter any of the proprietary code or functionality, nor allow it to be used by an unregistered team member or associate. Special arrangements may be made for certain businesses as package deals, and more detailed information will be required from you when ordering. Further tech support options (beyond the first year) available on request. Orders can be sent via paypal, to
If ordering by phone, I can provide a mailing address if you wish to remit with a money order or check. Send an e-mail first to receive a copy of the agreement, which needs to be returned to me, and how you will be paying (electronically or by postal mail) when placing an order, and request any further details you need, or questions you may have.

Other tech support/consulting package/training information available on request, on a per-incident basis or for a specified time period.

For further information and for orders:

Please contact Frank:

Business Phone (cell): 570-313-3910

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We look forward to serving you in the near future....