October 19 2007
Database Management System
This page will allow you to back up and restore the database currently in use.
You may also create a new database by cloning it to a new name.
Choose a radio button, fill in the box if cloning, and click "submit".

The database currently in use is:
The Pen Drive letter is currently set to: F

When performing any actions here, wait for the page to fully reload before continuing.
This particular page may physically reload, but other actions may not yet be complete.
Be sure to give the system ample time to complete an action (to/from floppy, etc.),
and watch the progress bar for completion before continuing.

CAUTION: If you select the wrong pen drive letter and then try to access it,
or perform any floppy disk actions when the disk is not inserted/active,
the system may hang, requiring a reboot, depending on your PC.
Data on the hard drive should not be compromised.
Please choose an option:       Click HERE to change the active database
Backup to Hard Drive (saves to second location)     
Restore from Hard Drive (restores as of last backup)
Backup to Floppy Disk (be sure disk is inserted)
Restore from Floppy Disk (be sure disk is inserted)
Clone to New Database Name (Max 10 characters):
             (A hard drive backup is made of any new clone created)
Pen drive / JumpDrive functions:
First you must have the drive plugged into a USB port, and have it be recognized by the system.
Check Windows Explorer to determine the drive letter (it should usually be the same each time).
When a new drive letter is selected, wait for the page to refresh, showing the change.

Enter new drive letter here (such as E or F)      
Backup to Pen Drive (be sure drive is inserted)
Restore from Pen Drive (be sure drive is inserted)      
Click here to display files on:   FLOPPY     (Be sure floppy is inserted)
Click here to display files in:   HARD DRIVE BACKUP AREA
Click here to display files on:   PEN DRIVE     (Be sure drive is inserted and drive letter [above] is set correctly)
After cloning a new store, switch to it by going to the database selection page (via the "Click HERE" link above) and choose it to be active. Then be sure to "set current to prior" twice to clear out both the current and prior of the store you are cloning from. Go to the "Store Info" page and enter the new store information, then go to the "Reports" page and set the previous inventory date to zero.

If you are loading a store from a floppy (or pen drive) which does not exist on this computer, first make a clone (from any database) that matches the name on the floppy (or pen drive), without the .sql suffix. Then go to the database selection page (via the "Click HERE" link above), change to the new name and then come back here to execute the floppy (or pen drive) restore function. The data from the floppy (or pen drive) will then overwrite the temporary clone of the same name. You will also want to make a hard drive backup after doing this, after verifying correctness of the store info and the totals on one of the reports.