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The actual database name is at the far right of each line, dropping the .sql suffix.
 Volume in drive A is PM50_DISK_2
 Volume Serial Number is 190D-2159
 Directory of A:\

DEMOST~1 SQL        23,378  01-22-05  2:59p demostore.sql
GOUGE1   SQL        21,936  01-22-05  3:00p gouge1.sql
MKTCTR2  SQL        23,376  01-22-05  3:00p mktctr2.sql
NEWTEST  SQL        24,524  01-22-05  3:00p newtest.sql
STORE123 SQL        15,082  01-22-05  3:00p store123.sql
TEMPLATE SQL        15,091  01-22-05  3:01p template.sql
         6 file(s)        123,387 bytes
         0 dir(s)       1,333,248 bytes free