Today is:     Friday the 19th of October 2007

Click a radio button from the list at the bottom of the page to change to a new "active" database,
and then click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the page, or hit "enter".
Do this BEFORE you choose either of the "Set CURRENT to PRIOR" options.
Verify that the database you wish to use is shown as active.
Wait for this page to reload and show the new active database.
Selecting a new database will reset the next transmission number to "1".

demostore   is currently the active database

Once you have changed to a different store database, please continue
to the "Store Info" page to check or correct the details on the store you have selected.
Then return here to set CURRENT to PRIOR if you are starting a new inventory.
If any error messages appear, the database may be corrupt, please reload from a backup.
Also be sure Mysqld is running (by double-clicking on its desktop icon), per the instructions.
Set CURRENT to PRIOR and clear transmission history.    
Use this option as a general rule when starting a new inventory.

Be sure to use one of these "SET CURRENT TO PRIOR" options
before starting a new inventory, once you have set the correct database as active.
Do this twice for a newly "cloned" store,
or if you wish to clear both the current and prior for any store.

Be sure to wait for this page to reload before continuing, after choosing either option.

Set CURRENT to PRIOR without clearing transmission history.    
Use this option only if you need to save older transmission information for other stores,
or this store for later deletion/re-posting via the transmission utility page.
Transmission detail for multiple sessions will then remain in the list.
Excessive use of this feature will waste hard drive space.

Available Databases (select a button and click submit to change the active database):