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Post "revised" over/short figures for the currently active database:
If you process book figures for the current store and and your "history" report for this store includes an over/short history, occasionally your client may inform you that they have "found" an adjustment which changes the over/short amount for an earlier inventory. At the end of the "History Report" is a pair of lines to track these revisions in addition to the original results, providing you with two sets of +/- figures. If no revisions are entered here, both sets will be the same. Used correctly, this can help the company track how well the paperwork is prepared at inventory time.
Bring up the current "History Report" and decide for which "prior" column you want this revised over/short dollar amount to appear (1-6). You may repeat this if there is more than one period involved, or again at a later date. Entering a zero amount disables a previous entry.
Revise +/- amount for prior (1-6): to THIS dollar amount:

Maintenance/installation only affecting the "History Report":

Add/clear history capability for THIS database:

Perform this action when you need to clear the "history report" archive for one database. Specify the database name in the box. This is particularly useful when you have cloned a new store from one with a pre-existing history. After clicking "submit", scroll down to see the results once the page reloads.

Add/clear history capability for all databases. (WARNING: Any existing histories will be cleared.) [Note: This does not apply to the transmission history.]
Important: Allow sufficient time for all actions to be performed, until you see the page reload.

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Do NOT restore any databases from a floppy or pen drive which were made
at an earlier point in time, once you perform this upgrade on a live database.

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