Mountain AuditStreams - Quick Reference Guide


Assuming your store is available on the database selection page,
and that you have just booted up your laptop.

1 Be sure Apache (via double-clicking on the Apache.exe icon on the desktop)
is running (and you've minimized its window) for Win98 (not neccessary for XP).
2 Be sure you've double-clicked on the mysqld icon on the desktop and its window has disappeared.
3 Double-click on the Mountain AuditStreams tree icon.
4 Click the main "ENTER" link.
5 Go to the bottom of the Database Selection Page, select the button for the store
you wish to load, and click "submit". Note that the new store code is now active.
6 Go to the "Store Info" link at the top of the page.
7 Review the "Store Info" and correct anything which needs to be corrected.
8 Click the "click HERE" link at the top of the "Store Info" page.
9 Choose the first option on the database selection page:
"Set CURRENT to PRIOR and clear transmission history" by clicking on the radio button, then click "submit". Do this twice only if it's a newly cloned store without a prior.
10 Click on the "Reports" page link at the top of the page.
11 Choose the option "Set Current Inventory Date to Today's Date" and click "submit".
For a newly cloned store without a prior inventory, also click on the option to "Set Prior Inventory Date to Zero".
12 View the SUMMARY REPORT at the bottom of the page (by clicking the link for it)
to verify that the total is zero, and that the dates are correct.
You may also look at the CATEGORY REPORT to check the dates, the "current" column should be
all zeros, and if you have a prior inventory, the prior amounts by category should be shown.
13 Close any report windows you have opened.
14 Count your store (or a portion thereof) using your handheld cleared of previous data.
15 Set your handheld to the "Upload to PC" prompt (see User Documentation).
16 Do a "start"-->"run"-->"transmit" from the lower left of your PC.
17 Connect your handheld and upload it into the PC at the "waiting for TCB" prompt.
18 Press any key on the PC once more after uploading finishes. Disconnect the handheld.
Close the "DOS box" transmit window (if using XP it should close automatically).
19 Open the "TRANSMIT" page in Mountain AuditStreams.
20 Click "PREVIEW TRANSMISSION", then close the new window once you have reviewed it.
21 Click "CAPTURE" to load the data, then close the new window when it has finished.
22. Go to the "Reports" page and view the SUMMARY REPORT.
It should show the amounts incremented by this transmission. Close this window.
23 Go to the "Backup/Clone" page and "Backup to Hard Drive" if all seems correct.
24 Clear the data from your handheld before any further counting.
25 Repeat steps 14-24 if you are continuing the count for the same store.
26 Go to the "Reports" page and print out the reports for your client.
27 At the end of the inventory, choose the "Set prior inventory date to today's date" option and click "submit".
28 Lastly, go to the "Backup/Clone" page and choose "Backup to Hard Drive".
You may also perform other backups if you wish.
29 Close all browser windows. If you are not using XP, maximize the Apache window
and close it as well. Then shut down the computer. That's it...


1 To create your very first store by cloning, choose "template" as the active database, unless you have been given a "custom" database.
2 Go to the "Backup/Clone" page and clone to a new database name (10 character maximum).
3 Return to the database selection page via the "Click HERE" link near the top.
4 Choose the new database name as active.
5 Customize the departments, the categories, and their associations to your choosing,
then clone all future stores based on this clone or a later clone, not "template" or "custom".
6 Program your handheld(s) with the correct section, side, and category information
you will be using if you have not already done so.
Be sure your handheld is set to "validate" each section, side, and category.
Refer to the User Documentation for the sections and sides to use.
7 Go to the "Backup/Clone" page, back up your store, and create further clones, as above.
8 Enter the correct store information for each new clone via the "Store Info" page,
first choosing that particular store to be the active database.

Best wishes on using Mountain AuditStreams... :)