October 19 2007
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Change the description of a section or add a new section & description by entering the section number in the first field, the description in the second field, and then clicking "submit". Be sure your handhelds are updated accordingly. This maintenance will *only* affect the database currently in use, and any future clones made from this database. If you need to perform this maintenance for other pre-existing stores, those databases must be loaded in succession, and this same maintenance be performed on them as well.

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1Gondola 1
2Gondola 2
3Gondola 3
4Gondola 4
5Gondola 5
6Gondola 6
7Gondola 7
8Gondola 8
9Gondola 9
10Gondola 10
11Cooler Door 1
12Cooler Door 2
13Cooler Door 3
14Cooler Door 4
15Cooler Door 5
16Cooler Door 6
17Cooler Door 7
18Cooler Door 8
19Cooler Door 9
20Cooler Door 10
21Cooler Door 11
22Cooler Door 12
23Cooler Door 13
24Cooler Door 14
25Cooler Door 15
26Cooler Door 16
27Cooler Door 17
28Cooler Door 18
29Cooler Door 19
30Cooler Door 20
31Cooler Door 21
32Cooler Door 22
33Cooler Door 23
34Cooler Door 24
35Cooler Door 25
53Deli Area
59Floor Displays
60Other Location