October 19 2007
Transmission Preview / Capture / Utility Functions

These functions will allow you to preview, capture, and later edit (if need be) the data from
one or more DC 2.5's running National Datacomputer's financial audit application.
First you must successfully run the transmit command from the Start->Run->Open box
with the handheld(s) set to 19200 Baud and at the "Upload to PC" prompt.
Then you must "capture" the data here before a transmit is executed for another machine.
The "dos box" transmit command simply "takes in" and "translates" data into a holding area.
The "preview transmission" function will allow you to look at this data without posting it.
You may correct any entries in your machine at that point, and then re-transmit before capturing.
Do not click again on "capture" until a new transmission is sent to the holding area.
Handhelds must be cleared at the start of the inventory and after transmitting/capturing,
to avoid any earlier data from being included or duplicated into the totals.

Scroll to the end of this page for the transmission utility link.

The database currently in use is: demostore

Click this link to preview the current transmission in the queue without posting it:


Click this link to capture/post the queued transmission to the current database:


A new window will open showing the values (to be) posted to the current inventory.
The "preview" link will not take action, but the "capture" link will update the database.
You may print these page(s) if you wish.
Go to the "transmission utilities" page (link below) to delete/repost any or all lines.
Close these windows as soon as you are finished reviewing the information.
When capturing, the main database is automatically updated
and the quantity counts are updated on the "Categories" page.

Click this link to access the transmission utilities page: