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1977 Amtrak journey - Part 1

In February, 1977 I left San Francisco and embarked on a trip via Amtrak for about 3 weeks.
At the end of the trip I ended up in Detroit, then went to Montreal and finally to Boston,
where I would reside until the summer of 1979. Here are the rail photos taken during that trip.

The first leg was San Francisco to Seattle, and then I took the
North Coast Hiawatha from Seattle to Chicago:

Portland (OR) Union Station, new Amfleet equipment on Seattle local run (2/14/77).

Platform of Seattle King Street Station at night (2/14/77).

Cars ready for boarding on the "North Coast Hiawatha" to Chicago (2/14/77).

In western Montana, interior of Amtrak dining car #8049 (2/15/77).

North Coast Hiawatha through the hilly country west of Missoula, MT (2/15/77).

Front portion of former NP dome car, Amtrak #9470 dome coach (2/15/77).

Stock cars in small ranching town west of Missoula, MT (2/15/77), taken from train.

North Coast Hiawatha passing through the countryside west of Missoula, MT (2/15/77).

North Coast Hiawatha station stop at Missoula, Montana (2/15/77), 2 photos.

Amtrak #9810 "Silver Club" dome/club car at Missoula, MT (2/15/77).

North Coast Hiawatha Butte, MT station stop at 3:10PM (2/15/77), temperature 35 degrees F.

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