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1977 Amtrak journey - Part 2

North Coast Hiawatha through the rugged area west of Logan, Montana (2/15/77).

North Coast Hiawatha crossing a viaduct west of Logan, Montana (2/15/77).

Sunset west of Bozeman, MT, on the former Northern Pacific line.
We encountered more snow as the train continued eastbound (2/15/77).

Pulling into Fargo, North Dakota on the morning of 2/16/77, 19 degrees F.

Burlington Northern (former Great Northern) station at Fargo, North Dakota (2/16/77).

Freight passing through on the former Northern Pacific line, Fargo (ND), in the southern
part of the downtown area (2/16/77). At Fargo, I got off the train and took a few
side trips by bus for a day, before catching the next day's train eastbound.

Dispatcher in the ex-Great Northern station, Fargo, ND (2/16/77), late in the evening.

Amtrak waiting room in the ex-GN Fargo, ND station, at around 1:30 AM (2/17/77).

After arriving in Minneapolis, MN, the Empire Builder being serviced at the station (2/17/77).

Missabe engine used as a switcher at the Minneapolis, MN station (2/17/77).

Seen from a dome car, one of the several freight yards in the
Minneapolis /St. Paul area, along the Mississippi River (2/17/77).

After arriving in Chicago, I took some local transit photos, and then headed out of town.
On a later day, back in Chicago, I snapped these 2 photos:

Entrance portal to the underground Union Station, Chicago, IL (2/22/77).

Two Milwaukee Road double-decker commuter trains, one approaches and one leaves
the Union Station area along the river, on February 22, 1977.

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