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Boston "T" lines - Color shots - 1977-82

Some of these were scanned from color slides, with only my memory for the info,
please write me if you have further caption information.

Boston Common, Park Street Station, August 1977.

Along Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton, August 29, 1977.

Red Line just north of downtown, heading to Cambridge (June, 1978).

Inner section of the "D" Riverside line, early (winter) 1979.

PCC's along Huntington Avenue, late winter, 1979.

PCC interior at night in the subway downtown, early 1979.

More views at Park Street Station.

Inside a "D" Line LRT unit.

Trolleybuses at Harvard Square, Cambridge, spring 1979.

Newton, Mass., along the Riverside "D" line, May, 1979.

Added later, from my last visit to Boston, apparently the "C" line in July, 1982.

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