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California Railway Museum (part 1) - January, 1976

This set was taken at the California Railway Museum (now "Western Railway Museum")
at Rio Vista Junction in northern California in January, 1976.

Key System bridge unit #182. These units ran in SF/East Bay service
over the Bay Bridge until April, 1958.

Barn at the museum, with Key System bridge unit #186 at the right.

Front shot of car #63 from the Petaluma & Santa Rosa. (Petaluma-Forestville).

Car #111 from the CRANDIC route (Cedar Rapids & Iowa City).

Indiana Railroad car #202, the line was defunct by 1940.

Visalia Electric diesel, and Sacramento Northern steeple cab locomotive.

Key System Oakland Avenue car #271.

Vintage MUNI "L Taraval" car #178, on a run at the museum.

Another shot of the #178 in action.

Oakland Key System car #271 in action.

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